Centenary Mark: Cries Of Abel – Dr. Soyombo Ayomikun

1.Dead & forgotten are becoming the days

When as one we lived sharing countless goody trays

Unheard of were words like ‘terrorists’ and ‘bombs’

Happily we survived though on morsels & crumbs

Without fear from North to South we could easily travel

Ours was a unity causing distant lands to marvel

2.Dead & forgotten are becoming the days

When if just one should die all recline to sorrow bays

As a family we shared victories & defeats

Young & old alike aspiring to world-changing feats

When night comes we even sleep not closing the door

Both the paupers & kings happily played on the floor

3.Thoughts of our past fills my orbits with tears

A glimpse into tomorrow my heart with fears

Oh! that the beauty we once had not become a forgotten tale

That our generation not perish leaving behind an invisible trail

Can we give love a chance to heal our hearts again

As hatred & greed will never yield us a meaningful gain

4.Ink mixing with tears I’m pleading for that resurrection

Of our ailing spirits on the verge of extinction

Nigeria still remains a beautiful people with a soft core

So let’s refuse to be thorn apart by sublime political rancour

Enough of these sleazy pursuits ruining our souls

That one day soon we may again share supper bowls

5.Commissioners & Senators gathering to decide

That even without a pay they are ready to toil

Governors that won’t slap taxpayers with their sweat

By terrorizing them on the streets with fierce looking guards & sirens

All we want are Presidents that will neglect the office embracing the weakest

Yielding their backs for all to sit upon on a ride to glory

6.All over the 36 states day & night we pray

From sunrise to sunset in different offices we labour

Kindly treat us as prisoners no more but as citizens

That we may uphold the nation’s honour & glory without regrets

Not by mouth but acts again tell us you care

Else our vengeance call will not cease as that of Abel

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