To The Soul That Never Dies – Okikiola Asher @asherstuta | #RIPIfeoluwa


Like a ray of light in the darkness of my heart she came forth

Her words cut through the bricks I spent all my years building

Going through our conversations over and over again

The memories we shared…our stories….our scars

Our pains…our happiness…we shared it all

Nothing was held back.


To my friend, my companion, the one who understands my fears

In just 63days Ifeoluwa showed me what it means to love

She lived every bit of her life with so much passion.

My friend loved me just the way I am.

 poured every of her essence on my inside

She told me things ….

I heard the wise men say all that is beautiful fades away

My friend is beautiful in all her essence….she captured my mind

She tried so hard to make me see the death she was fighting

But she did it with so much grace I thought it simple.

Ifeoluwa Deborah Ayokunnu Ojikutu you are more than a friend

You are my sister! So many times you told me how much you loved me

She told me nothing can separate us from the love of God! Not even death.

And how much I challenge you to see the next day

I guess I ran out of fuel

My friend lived

I love you ifeoluwa.

I’ll miss you.

RIP Love

RIP Love

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