The Cry Of An Unborn Hero By Ogundipe David Oluwasegun

With determination, I waited for years

For a chance to survive, I pleaded with tears

Striving all days to be free from boredom

I want to know how it feels to live in freedom

Among my brothers I stand with hope

Even my feeble sisters managed to cope

I yearn for the opportunity to proof my worth

To make my potentials known to the world

It is written that few were called

But the crown will be worn by one

The one who can survive the rough and curve

That mind that will fall but still stand tough

Unannounced, the day came for us to race

No chance for runner-ups, the first gets the grace

Among millions of athletes, I raced and won

Others got wasted remaining not even one

I regained my freedom and mourned my brothers

Who for coming late fate has slaughtered

And to my sisters’ grave, I laid a wreath

For they raced to death and knew no peace

I sat in the lonesome channel, awaiting fate’s call

Getting my life through the umbilical cord

Now, I can feel the warmth with my skin

I’m beginning to know what it means to be a being

Months have passed and I cannot wait to go

To strive in the world and attain my goals

I will live right and get a perfect spouse

My late brothers and sisters I shall make proud

I can’t wait to meet my dear father

With whose tutor in life I will go farther

Mother, I will forever appreciate that you harbour me in your womb

Your words I shall honour even till I reach the tomb

Oh, mother is walking to where I do not know

Maybe to the market to get me a coat

No, she is talking to the doctor

Maybe after then, she will see the tailor

And now, I can feel her lying on her back

Are you tired? Mama did not hear, but I asked

I must treat her like a queen when I finally see her

I will buy her the whole world and even the best car

Oh, I can feel a hard metal touching my tender skin

It’s breaking my bones and injuring my shin

Mother! Come to my aid, I am badly hurt

I am bleeding heavily for this bloody cut

This tool is separating me from you, mother!

Tell it to stop or it will be guilty of murder

I’m not yet ripe to see the world or the light

An hand is pulling me out and holding so tight

Mother, life is ebbing out of me

Why did you plan to deny me my dream?

I have been severed; I have been denied access to life

Why have I been denied this beautiful right?

Mother, fortunes abundant would have been yours

To you nations could have bowed in turns

Now it seems all has come to halt

For in your womb golden dreams se to rot

I have been destroyed, I have been banished

In another dimension, hope has vanished

Why was I called when I was not needed?

These are the questions of all aborted children.

Ogundipe David Oluwasegun writes from the Nigerian Law School, Abuja.


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