Strange Behaviours: Fear Induce – Abba Mustapha @Abbatyyy

Fear is a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger. It is a survival mechanism occurring in a response to a specific stimulus. It causes entities in response, to pull far away from it (either by fight-or-flight or freeze/paralysis) and disappear.

In trying to pull away, there are behaviors induced by fear elicited by individuals. Some of these fear-induced behaviors are sometimes impossible to imagine in individuals who are not in a state of fear. If these behaviors sometimes are narrated, it will be like an exaggeration of what actually happened, but they are not.

That was how Rabi, a neighbor in Maiduguri jumped over our common 3meters fence; yes 3meters into our house when armed robbers about 20 of them (according to her) were tormenting her father. With her narration, guess what my younger brother did? He defecated (shit) in his trousers.

My- G too, an acquaintance jumped over about 2 meters barb-wire fence when he was chased during a night kame- a police ambushed-arrest usually carried out after occurrence of criminal act in an area. Even the police officer chasing My-G could not believe how he lost his prey that was right in front of him. The officer was even telling his partner that My-G must be a ghost.

A dog will normally run for its life with the sight/sound of anything that has to do with hyena. Snoopy, a neighbor’s dog (a nightmare for everyone in that area) did not run and stood still at the sight of a passing hyena walked by mai wasan kura (a person that plays with hyena around a market to get money). At first, everyone around hailed Snoopy for its rare courage of not running away. Long after the hyena passed, Snoopy was still standing at the same spot frozen. What happened? Snoopy died standing gallantly.  Isn’t it strange?

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