Silence! Silence!! Silence!!! – A Poetic Tribute To Ifeoluwa Ojikutu by Oluwasegun Olufemi

It has no season

It has no time

It goes and comes as it wishes

Sometimes like a thief in the night

Always ready to strike

Never minding the pain that follows

Oh Death! Why are thou cruel?

Thy sharp claws knows no one

Not the old nor the young

You care not about our grief

You dig our hearts with horror

Cover our faces with ashes

Watered our eyes with tears

Turned our garments to rags

Oh Death! Thou have struck again

You have cursed our sea with storm

Thundered in hot sun and caused our flowers to wither

Oh Death! Why now?

It’s funny how you can turn love into horror

It still amazes me how you turned a white day into a black one

Are thou now glad that roses be placed at their tombs?

You took away a rare gem

You took away our smile

You took away a person of passion

You took away our pride, a legacy!

You took away our friend

You took away the future of a generation

You took away a jovial woman

And left us without strength

We’ve cried out our hearts

But you feel no sympathy

We are lost in thoughts

But you are unto the next

The echoes are still around

It still feels like a dream

My voice still trembles

I refuse to believe

Just imagine

Imagine the absence of the sun when our dresses are wet

The absence of the moon when the nights are dark

The absence of rain when there is drought

The absence of a blanket in a long cold night

Imagine the absence of our beloved friend IFEOLUWA… “@royalamebo”


Death! Why?

You’ve painted our rainbow black

You’ve folded our heart, and caused it to bleed

Oh! Why at the pinnacle of a man’s life

Why at the cradle of her success


Silence! Silence!! Silence!!!

Oh earth, do you not feel her absence already?

The absence of a Motivator

The absence of a friend

The absence of a daughter

The absence of a lover

The absence of Ifeoluwa Ojikutu @royalamebo

Till thou come visiting again, I curse thee to the deepest part of the earth..

N.B: I never met her, but she touched my life. There was a time I tweeted, “I’m tired of life,” she simply kept a ‘smile’ smiley and replied, “it is stupid to give up when you don’t know tomorrow.” Thank you for giving me a reason to live on. You will be remembered even in death.

Oluwasegun Olufemi

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