PDP: The Journey to Obscurity Begins By Orukotan Ayomikun Samuel

Once upon a time, there was and is a party, it is the largest in Africa, it is called the People’s Democratic Party, some will call it “power to the people” but to make a quip speech, they will say “papa deceiving pikin”. These are no doubt PDP’s sobriquet names but its official name is people’s Democratic Party and they will be referred to as such in this column.

PDP has been in existence for some time now, they have been blossoming in a society of flurry but now the flowers are arranging, flowering has emerged in a period of flowery communication, the flower-power politics and fascism is no longer the order of the day because the heat in the polity is extremely high and everybody, everywhere is shouting CHANGE! The concept of “igba laani, enikan o laye” simply describes the state of the PDP even as we look forward to the 2015 general elections. Amidst all other reports from the presidency, the PDP are in ruckus, the PDP are in a state of ructions and rubbles, and they are in a rudderless situation. No doubt, they need help but who will save them from this slugfest? Who will save them from this political shipwreck? Is it the “old-PDP” that could only boast of expired, tired, tyrant and sycophant politicians? Is it the shenanigans and Sherlock Holmes that surrounds the presidency? Who is qualified to save the sinking ship of the PDP? Is it the president that has a personal ambition against the wish of other party members? Is it those presidential aides and special advisers that make fatuous comments sometimes? Or the “Oga at the top” that is still bidding time to manage its health issues?

Honestly, the synergy is no longer there to rule numerous Nigerians who go to bed every day with an empty stomach but the sybaritic approach to life is still very much alive. Hence, the need for the Baton to pass.

The breaking news came without letting the day to break; it came as a huge shock and surprise to many PDP stalwart in the nation when the news filtered in that “THE NEW PDP DECAMPS TO APC”. Who is the new-PDP? The G-7 governors, Baraje, Oyinlola, Bukola saraki and others but if the news is something to go by, only 5 out of the 7 rebel governors decamped to the APC. The two governors remaining include Governor Aliyu Babangida (Niger state) and Sule Lamido of Jigawa state. However, Lamido has decided to go through the peace talks with the president based on the advice of his political godfather, ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo who he fondly calls “the oracle” and also governor Aliyu denies the allegations that he has joined the APC. Be it as it may, the decamped are strong holds in the PDP family and even in their respective states and that is why no matter what Gulak is saying, they have lost some important manpower for 2015.

We all know the story of how the new-PDP started some months ago, there has been meetings upon meetings just to reconcile with the old-PDP, the “oracle” slept many times in Abuja to settle this scourge that has aggravated in the PDP but it all end in futility as every form of speculation was brought to a premature end when the news filtered in that the new PDP joins the APC. This development has brought more vacuum to the PDP fold but the question now is: who will fill this vacuum left behind by the sturdy politicians that has just decamped? Is it Bamanga Tukur that will win Adamawa state for PDP? I see no possibility in that. With the massive decamp; APC has an upper hand come 2015. Nevertheless, the defection of these notable names in the PDP family has some grievous implications and consequences. First, the APC governors now rise to 18 as against the PDP’s 16. The implication now is that, the APC now has the majority which is a threat to Jonathan’s ambition. Second, APC now has the large majority in the national assembly and that could vote against Jonathan’s second term bid and a lot of them like that if we are to look at it critically and statistically. A lot is said to happen even as the months grind on towards 2015.

However, the aim of this merger between the New People’s Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress is to rescue Nigerians from our fledgling democracy. Is this not one of those political hullabaloos? They talk but forget their promises when they reach office. This has been the bane of our politics in Nigeria but be it as it may, PDP and APC are two different parties in Nigeria. No posit for comparison but the reason for wooing the G-7 governors is not farfetched from what many political fanatic would call “identity politics”. Minority influence is a central component of identity politics; Minority influence is a form of social influence which takes place when a majority is being influenced to accept the beliefs or behaviour of a minority. Unlike other forms of influence, this usually involves a personal shift in private opinion. This personal shift in opinion is called “CONVERSION”.

Now that everyone is tipping the next president to come from the northern region of this country. Is zoning the new yardstick for choosing a credible leader? Honestly, the influence of the southwest is gradually fading out. A lot of question to be answered by the APC who still have in their fold, unproductive and expired politicians. What will be the roles of these sets of pesky politicians? I want change, I preach change but will this change drive us to our promised land? Will it reduce the rate of mortality in the society? Will it not dash the last hope of the masses all over again? Will it not partition this country into sears of influence the more? Will it provide employments to myriads of youth that walk the streets of Lagos trying to eke out a living? Will it provide good roads, quality health care services, portable drinkable water system, power, food security and social amenities to the electorates? These are the cogent demands of an average Nigerian, this is the heart cry of the poor, less privileged, the maimed and the widow who are trying to prepare their last meal and die.

Will there be any prophet Elijah sent from Jesus Christ to minister to the needs of these hopeless citizens of this country? Only time will tell but until the “will it” turn to “I will” and “we will” and “we can” and there are proofs of this statement, I will continue to maintain my neutral and pessimistic status when it comes to Nigerian politics.

My time is up.


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