How To Develop A Vision By Ike Amadi

Yesterday, we looked at vision and how important it is that you write down your vision for the year 2014 at least.

Please read it here

I promised I was going to tell you how to develop a vision.

Again, if you have not read that short and insightful piece on vision, read it here.

Where do people get visions from?

Obviously from God.

But how?

There are two proven channels:

The first channel is via prayer! 
Dave Williams, author of the amazing book, The Art of Pacesetting Leadership, defined prayer as the transfer of God’s ideas without the stain of human logic.

God is a big God and he always gives big visions, because he wants to do big things through you in 2014.

I must then wait upon him in prayers so I can perceive in my spirit what it very is he wants to do through me, especially in 2014.Jesus had to fast and pray because he needed to tone down on the human nature, so that God’s creative power could flow through him. He was a Man of prayers and that was why he did so many things men saw as impossible.

“If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible.”

Prayer makes your spirit able to perceive what God is saying for the hour. More so, praying in the Holy Ghost.

We know we can’t receive anything from God without faith. In the same vein, we can’t receive vision from God without faith.

Now see Jude 20: ‘building up your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.’

Prayer in the Holy Ghost – which sometimes means praying in tongues would greatly edify you and build your faith up to be able to receive that wonderful vision for your llife.

Action point: pray for about 15 mins in the spirit and just ask God to transfer His ideas concerning you into your spirit man.

The second channel is via The Word

Of course, Ike Amadi is a bible guy. Well, the young man has to be seeing that in the beginning was The Word.

The word is the seed of creation, and if you have the word dwelling richly in you, your creative powers are unleashed and you can begin to see the invisible, which empowers you to do the impossible.

The word makes you a winner. What it does is that you begin to think like a winner, because God himself is a winner.
I remember the song we used to sing,

Jesus is, a winner man (x3)
Jesus is, a winner man,
A winner man all the time!

Oh yes, when you look into the word, who is Christ (1 John 5:7, John 1:1, Rev 19:13) you’re communing with God, and tapping the winning anointing which makes you think like God.

So yes, you begin to think big, you begin to think fresh, you begin to think far, and before you know it, a vision is filtered into your spirit man.

Action point : set out 30 mins and look into the word of God. Perhaps read and meditate on Psalm 119; Acts 2:17-18.

Now you’ll observe that all the afore-mentioned cannot be achieved if you are on the move. You have to stop!

Can you ask for directions while in motion?
So stop, take out a day, an hour, and wait upon the Lord for a fresh vision.

Don’t worry, God says, write the vision, he didn’t say, write the budget!

Remember Habakuk 2:2, ‘write the vision and make it plain’

Action point: please take out a sheet of paper, after you have prayed and read your bible and write down ALL that God is ministering to your spirit man.

You’ll do something notable in this life!

Ike Amadi

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Join me tomorrow as we look at another step in the actualization of vision : )

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