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Governing Council Of National Human Rights Meets, Treats 40 Cases of Human Rights Violation

The Governing Council of The National Human Rights Commission met today. These are resolutions from the meeting.



HOLDEN AT ABUJA, 9-10 December 2013


  1. The Governing Council of the National Human Rights Commission convened for its 5th Regular statutory meeting of 2013 at the Council Chambers in the Commission’s Headquarters on 9 December, 2013. Eleven members of council, including the chairman, attended the meeting.


  1. Council considered 40 petitions instituted by various persons alleging violations of human rights and:


(a)          determined 17 cases as amicably resolved;

(b)          determined eight cases as inadmissible; and

(c)          ratified the referral of five cases to other agencies with competence over them;


  1. Council considered an additional 14 cases in which the parties had reached tentative terms of settlement and authorized appropriate terms of settlement as consent decisions of the Commission.


  1. Council received and considered an interim report of investigation in the case of Governor of Rivers State vs. Commissioner of Police Rivers State. Council noted that both the complainant and the Respondent have been interviewed by and made additional presentations to the Secretariat of the Commission. Council, therefore, directed:

(a)          Of its own motion to grant accelerated consideration to this case;

(b)          Given the nature of the allegations, that the Attorney-General of the Federation be joined as a party to the petition;

(c)          Hearing notices be issued inviting the parties or their legal representatives to a hearing by the Commission on this case; and

(d)          The hearing by the Commission shall take place early in 2014 in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State at a date and venue to be communicated to the parties.


  1. Council received and considered an interim report of investigation in the case of Global Rights & Nasiru Adamu vs. Department of State Services (DSS) concerning the alleged killing of eight young men in Gudu, near Apo, Abuja in September 2013 by alleged operatives of the DSS. With respect to this case, Council:

(a)          Identified three issues that arise to be determined in this case as follows:

(i)                    Whether the victims were indeed operatives of Boko Haram;

(ii)                  Whether, taking account of all the circumstances, the force applied in the operation was proportionate to any threat identified or directed at the security operatives or the general public; and

(iii)                Whether, in the circumstances, the killing was lawful or unlawful.


(b)          Given the nature of issues raised by the complaint, Council, of its own motion, directed that the Honorable Attorney-General of the Federation should be joined to the petition;


(c)          To enable the Commission to complete its consideration of this complaint, Council directed the Secretariat to issue summons and hearing notices requiring the following entities to appear before a Panel of Council for a hearing on these issues at 10:00hours on Thursday, 19 December 2013 at the Headquarters of the National Human Rights Commission in Abuja, namely, the:

(i)                    Department of State Services, (DSS);

(ii)                  Federal Capital Territory Administration, (FCTA);

(iii)                Defence Headquarters (DHQ);

(iv)                 Asokoro General Hospital;

(v)                   Global Rights;

(vi)                 Keke-NAPEP Association, Gudu;

(vii)               National Security Adviser; and

(viii)             Proprietor of the premises in which the alleged killings occurred;


(d)          Council further directed the parties named above shall be at liberty to file written or make oral representations on or before the hearing date;


  1. Council also considered the case of Clara Chime vs. Sullivan Chime and directed further measures of investigation compatible with the dignity of the parties and their entitlements to due process.


  1. Council considered and adopted the instrument constituting a Working Group on Arbitrary and Un-gazetted places of detention in Nigeria, including its terms of reference.


ABUJA, 9 December, 2013.



Read more on the session here: National Human Rights Commission Releases Instrument Establishing Working Group On Arbitrary & Ungazetted Places of Detention via @omojuwa









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