8 Months Old Kenny Adegbuyi Needs N2.5 million #SaveBabyKenny


(An eight months old baby with a hole in her heart needs N2.5 million to stay alive.)

When Oluwatosin Ruth Adegbuyi gave birth to a set of twins she was filled with joy and happiness, which was later hampered by a discovery that jolted her out of her joy zone into complete sadness. Her daughter an eight months old female infant Kehinde Adebuyi was diagnosed with bronchopneumonia, congenital heart disease with congestive heart failure when she was three months old. In other words she has a hole in her heart. Kehinde is the second of a set of twins. Her twin is fortunate not to be diagnosed with this life threatening ailment.

It is on this basis that we request for your financial support in order to be the candle that lights up Kenny’s life. She has a right to life and is counting on well meaning organizations, Nigerians alike   to put a smile on her face.

The down side of her tale is that she  needs 2.5million for the operation which is meant to be carried  out in India .Time isn’t on her side….as she has just a few months to live if she does not get help.

The mother of the child is a struggling hairdresser who is finding it difficult to live a happy life devoid of tears. We seek to collaborate with you to make Kenny enjoy life once again.

We have written to the Ministry Of Health and Ministry Of Women Affairs in Lagos State

Giving is the highest level of living.

Account Name: Adegbuyi Kehinde Martha

Account number: 0141056477

Bank: GTBank

You can call Mrs Adegbuyi on 07011899298 to verify the story or if you wish to see BabyKenny

N.B: I verified the story from the reporter who also visited the hospital last week to hear the Doctor’s side and i met Mrs Adegbuyi and the twins on the 19th of December as well and took  pictures with  the mother and her twins and the medical report attached to this post. If u have any question (s) feel free to call Mrs. Adegbuyi.

Please spread the word with all media platform (Blackberry, Iphone, Instagram, Twitter, Bing, Whatsapp, print and electronic) at your disposal.





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