Western Civilization, Religion And The Holy Land By: Idris Rabiu Akawu

There is something very curious about modern western civilization: it appears to be a civilization that is essentially godless, it appears to be a civilization that is too strongly connected to materialism; it is a civilization which is constantly attacking religion and the religious way. And it appears that as a consequence of that war on religion, religion is on a state of decline around the world today.

There is a perception that modern western civilization came into being as a consequence of reconciliation between some Christians and some Jews and this curious reconciliation is based on Zionist principles and objectives – objectives that cannot be righteously justified by the Torah or the Bible and this is why true Christians and Jews around the world oppose the Zionist agenda.

U.S Vice President Joe Biden was asked by a reporter about Zionist agenda and his faith as a Christian, he said “I used to say earlier when I was a kid  I’d say if I was Jew I’d be a Zionist, I am now a Zionist you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”.

This comment sparked a debate because it is no secret that the Zionist agenda is to divert the modern world from religious way of life and pave the way for the false messiah and to build the new global order in which making religion irrelevant is its top goal and they wouldn’t stop for a minute till they make sure the prophecy is fulfilled, we were told about it in our scriptures we have the glorious Qur’an and the Holy Bible and God told us about the steps the prophecy will be fulfilled.

Now to recognize what type of messiah this world is being prepared for, ask yourself: is this global order built in accordance to the teachings of Jesus? How can military pre-emptive strike be linked with the teachings of Jesus? Because in an age of awesome deception, powerful religious representatives from every religion will become leading examples of hypocrisy, while the wise voices of justice and understanding will be ignored or silenced.

For instance, the Palestinians were forced out of Gaza and the Jewish people were finally giving a place to stay and within years Israel was created as a circular state and the holy land is finally under their watch, a step towards fulfilling the prophesy mentioned in d Glorious Qur’an and the Holy Bible. Now, the Jewish people have conquered the holy land and are depriving the Palestinians rights as Muslims but world’s super power countries like America are turning blind eye towards the Palestinians situation.

It is all over the news how the Syrians are being massacred every day, it is anticipated that world war 3 will rip from Syria and as the nuclear war tension steams up you can say the false messiah is at work. Everyone is a victim to this cruel new world order, this modern civilization is making us slaves we are chained and shackled by its cruelty, you have to wake up and unite in order to fight this age of deception.

How do we explain for example Britain? A secular state, 1917 and the British government issued the Balfour declaration; that the British government will work for the establishment of the Jewish national home in the holy land.

The false messiah in order to impersonate the true messiah must rule the world from Jerusalem, from the state of Israel. Once you understand the difference between the true messiah and the false messiah only then will you be able to understand the events unfolding in this age.

It is the modern western civilization which created the state of Israel and Britain which was the mid-wife in creating the state, the European people did it, not the oriental Jews. When Britain acted as the mid-wife for the state of Israel to be born, it was 11 minutes later that the United State recognized Israel.

Such injustice will only take place because we are asleep, the world will only know peace when righteousness and peace are established in the holy land. True Muslims and Christians must wake up and fight this evil events unfolding and there is still much to come, we have not seen the end of it. You say this government is good? And built in accordance to the teaching of the prophets? We will see!!!

Idris Rabiu Akawu

Department of Mass Communication

Baze University, Abuja

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