The National Conference – Our First Step Forward By Abdullahi Musa Liman

Nigeria will never move an inch as long as illiteracy, discrimination and the politics of section, owners and settlers still exist.

The likes of Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe left to us a Nigeria where Fulani took his cattle everywhere, Yoruba took his learning and skills wherever, the Hausa goes about with his ability to make sound judgment, the brave Igbo trader found accommodation everywhere.

Today, the Ijaw who found work and acceptance in Yola is no more a son of the soil; the Hausa man whose grandfather was born in Jos is now a ‘settler’, the Fulani with his cattle has become a target wherever he takes his herd. We no longer share common privileges; our children no longer see themselves as equals talk less of forging common identities.

The distrusts and hatred we create among us are the main weak points easily exploited to divide and rule us.

Today every criticism is directly interpreted along ethnic and religious lines.

Because of that, today we have leaders who have looted everything and are hell bent in wrecking the future of unborn generations. They buy 2 BMW’s worth 255 Million Naira; they steal 2.6 Trillion Naira in the name of subsidy. Alas! Our rulers today are our oppressors. They loot money they cannot spend in multiple lifetimes. And when we talk we are rebuffed with “It is because He is Hausa, She is Igbo” and so on.

Because of that, the last time we wanted change, we stood all day long to cast our votes under scorching sun. But even before we could vote, the results had been announced with aid of our greedy police. Alas! Our policemen are our terrors. We were silenced with bullets and we were told, “It is OUR turn”.

Because of that, today we have uncaring leaders who encourage crimes by shoving our young minds and their lecturers out of class for almost 5 months. They left our schools without teachers and our classrooms without roof. With this clear cynicism, Education is for who is able to go abroad. Someone out of their caste should just forget it.

Because of that, today we have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Cholera, Malaria and many preventable diseases send us to hospitals, which have no doctors, no medicines and no power. Our wives give birth with candlelight and charlatans perform surgery.

We pray to God every morning and every night, but commit every crime known to man. The rich compete in using stolen funds to build mosques and churches. In the same vain, monies are stolen to sponsor friends and family to Mecca and Jerusalem.

With the National Conference in view, we hope it wouldn’t be a sham. We hope it would create an avenue where we understand each other and return back to our golden days where we elevate being a Nigerian over ethnicity, where we shall join heads together and vote for leaders totally dedicated to the good of the people and growth of the Nation.

Abdullahi Musa Liman


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