How to Run a Freelance Writing Business Without a Computer By Suhaib Mohammed

Back in 2011 when I started my freelance writing business, I choose not to run it on my K52J ASUS laptop because of the following reasons …

  1. The Internet is costly in Nigeria
  2. I didn’t know how profitable the freelance writing was; and
  3. I realized that everything I needed to type and push was right there on my 9780 Bold Blackberry.

So, instead of capitalizing on Mi-Fi Internet technologies, as a startup, I launched my freelance writing career without a computer, but with a handheld mobile device – my Blackberry.

As it turns out, this, for me, was the best decision I’ve ever made. It pays me big time in the long run…

If you want to start a freelance writing business (and who doesn’t at this point?), you can start right away by investing few thousands of naira to buy a Blackberry (if you don’t own one already), or use the one you already have.

I’ll tell you how to use your Blackberry to run a freelance writing business in a moment but first, let’s define the terms: “freelance” and “freelance writer.” Shall we?


The term “freelance” has been in used since in the 17th century. It was used to describe the lance of the medieval warrior. Back in those days, the warriors or the mercenaries were using their lance to service not only their lords, but anyone who’s willing to pay for their services.

When we talk of a “freelance writer” today, we’re not referring to the knight who cut throats for pay. We’re simply referring to an independent contractor, a self-employed individual who writes for companies and businesses for pay. Freelance writers carry out a number of writing services. Some of which include the following:

  • Article writing
  • Copy writing
  • Grant writing
  • eBooks
  • Academic writing
  • Speech writing

Why You Should Start a Freelance Writing Business?

Besides to escape from the office wahala, the one reason why you should start freelance writing career is to enjoy a life of freedom. You’re your own boss if you’re a freelance writer.

Again, there are other goodies attached to being a freelance writer in this 21st century technologically-driven world. Here are some interesting statistics …

The AOL Inc. in collaboration with Jacob Nielsen – the web usability expert – recently released a report. In it, they explained that more than 27 million pieces of content are shared by Internet users every day. And more than 53% of time spent on the Internet is directly attributed to content consumption.

If you don’t believe the saying, “content is king,” this statistics should change your mind. The fact that the Internet is fueled by words is a good reason you should consider starting a freelance writing career.

Think about this:

Why do you visit your favorite websites and blogs every day?

Because they share valuable content that either informs or entertains you?

Information is shared in form of content, and writers are the architects behind content creation. They craft the millions of valuable content we consume and share online every day.

From SEO to social media sharing to Pay-Per-Click strategies – content is what works online. And there is no better way to start enjoying the fruit of writing than in today’s era of Internet technology.

So, how do you start freelancing with your Blackberry?

The Blackberry Mobile Device

Internet home-based businesses are easy to start. With just a PC or laptop computer, you can launch your business instantly from the comfort of your room.

But what’s even easier is when you don’t have to invest huge resources to buy a computer and purchase broadband Internet techology. Now you can start your freelance writing business with your Blackberry. Here is how:

Subscribe to the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

First things first, you need to subscribe to the BIS before you start anything else.

The most important thing is that the BIS plan is cheap compare to the Wi-Fi Internet services in Nigeria. With as little as N1, 500, depending on the service provider you’re using, you can subscribe to the BIS monthly plan and kick-start your freelance writing business … in no time.

Have a working e-mail address

This is vital; it’s the medium where clients can reach you. And getting an e-mail address is as simple as swallowing amala. You can open a Yahoo mail address, Google mail, or AOL. Anyone can do.

The good news is that Research In Motion (RIM) – the Blackberry company – designed the Smartphone with a clear goal in mind – to excel in the email service feature. Through on-device message encryption, you can send and receive emails safely with your Blackberry.

In addition, you can setup your email and receive notification anytime a new message pops into your inbox. With Blackberry, you’ll never miss a writing opportunity because your emails are within your reach.

Write with DocumentToGo

Every Blackberry comes with a pre-installed DocumentToGo application, a mini MS Word app that lets you write, edit, and submit content on the go.

With this amazing app, you don’t need to be home all day doing writing projects for your clients. You don’t even need to be at home to do your freelancing business. If you wish, you can visit your favorite spot in the down town and still write as you sip a cool drink or bite some spicy snack to freshen your creative brain.

Just slip your BB in your pocket or purse … and enjoy a mobile business life anywhere you go.

Starting your freelance writing business with your Blackberry is an unfair advantage. Back when I launched my freelancing career, I didn’t invest a single kobo. All what I did was a simple research about how to write better and where to find writing jobs.

Now, I upgraded … I do all my writing projects with my ASUS laptop because I’m better at the craft, and because I earned enough to afford the Mi-Fi Internet device to power my business.

We’ll discuss more about setting the freelance writing business and finding writing jobs next week.


Suhaib Mohammed is a professional freelance writer. He’s the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Haibtext – a learning platform for both the new and experienced writers. Subscribe to his blog here: and receive high impact articles on freelance writing … for FREE. Connect with him on Twitter – @Haibtext and Facebook

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