Grumbles In The Jungle By Abiola Akintunde

Human beings like every other animals in the wild or jungle want their security and welfare to be guaranteed alongside their clan (family, relatives friends and acquaintances) with everyday meal on our table, and so we invest, work, till the ground but just like other animals in the jungle, it is survival of the fittest in an uncivilized, less civilized, unruly or lawless human society, where talents and skills amount to nothing but starvation because there won’t be opportunity not to talk of equal opportunity. Human societies identified above are simply referred to as jungles, where threat, confusion, disorientation, immobilisation, powerlessness, impunity and so more like them are emotions and actions that filled up the air. Equality, justice, fairness, liberty, prosperity for all are qualities that are dead in the jungle while inequality selective justice, lawlessness, oppression and suppression thrives in the jungle as flowers bloom in the spring and flourishes.

I know some people might not want to agree with me that this country of ours is no different from a jungle because they are not apostles of egalitarian society neither are they good students of natural human justice but as expected in a jungle, they had exchanged their liberty for livelihood and has lost their voice to legalising the illegalities of their masters or should I say owners as they do not believe that a person can have a good livelihood and still be at liberty and thus, they promote the culture of only the influential must live in affluence. As long as the truth must be told, then there shouldn’t be a delay in saying it, you can call me all you want but it will be good for the future of this country if you will accept that nothing works in this country for the people which is the reason I continuously hear Nigerians in their large numbers grumble about so many things that for now I can only remember their grumbles about the 11 million Nigerian children that are malnourished with about the same figure that are out of school, the 40 million Nigerians that are unemployed, over 112 million Nigerians that are suffering in poverty with about the same figure that do not have access to improved sanitation while over 37 million don’t have toilets to use at all which gives them no alternative than to defecate in the open (most especially bushes and uncompleted buildings). As if this is nothing, we still have to face the gruesome act of health and medical care difficulty and starve ourselves to educate ourselves in tertiary institutions that are starved of funds but as the mumugus that get their daily bread from the crumbs that fell off the daily breads of over 112 million Nigerians including theirs which was stolen by those that held us by the jugular and are maintaining our country as the jungle the military regimes has made it will say; I’m just committed to staining the good name of our government and denying the government’s effort towards economic growth, improved quality of life, good infrastructure, and adequate job provision, that I’ve been paid to tarnish and rubbish the transformation agenda that has transformed university students into temporary drop outs, lecturers into baby sitters and taxi drivers, manageable patients into dead bodies, youths and teenagers into gamblers (nairabeters), strong and willing minds into lazy minds, jobs into privileges and talents into trashes.

I have moved to and fro different spaces within the Nigeria state or should I say nation and I’ve seen threat even between the people that I will name the fittest in this west african jungle we find ourselves not to talk of the threats Nigerians face daily, I’ve seen confusion in a greater version of heights that surpassed that which the great ‘Fela Anikulapo Kuti’ sings about, I’ve seen disorientation that makes Nigerians in their millions do whatever they find available just to sustain themselves daily while they gracefully accept the life of a hustler or worst; a pauper as the only life they know and they no longer care about one another, I’ve seen so much powerlessness to the extent that neck of the powerful is replaced by that of the powerless at the guillotine and the hard earned bread of the needy is taken by a bakery owner, I’ve seen so much oppression and repression that Nigerians are afraid of their government and could not participate in government even though they wanted to such as what we saw in Lagos in January, 2012, and what we saw in this 2013 gubernatorial polls of Anambra State, I’ve seen so much impunity that looters and thieves alike were given ‘State Pardon’ and sent on ‘holy pilgrimage’ while victims of the powerful are always denied their right to justice and redress, and all I’ve heard everywhere is the grumbles of millions of Nigerians in their tens. I’ve heard grumbles that expressed how over 112 million Nigerians are suffering in poverty, how education has increasingly turned into privilege, how health and medical care has become unaffordable, how three meals a day is now impossibility, how our education system is now in a state of comatose, how garri which was a poor man’s food has increasingly become luxury, how to find a job is now an unending war, of how to pay offering is a struggle, how tomorrow is now a constant fear, of how even today is no longer certain as the struggles of yesterday has taken its toll from us and we grow weary more and more, day by day.

These grumbles by Nigerians is what I heard as folktales when I was a kid and they are the realities that surrounds me today which I don’t want to see tomorrow. It is out of this wealth of grumbles that I am writing this piece and it is because I’m tired of hearing these grumbles that I decided to give them a voice; a voice that is not meant for hearing alone but that which is to push you to action, to freedom, to build a civilize nation out of this jungle for yourself through agitation and determination, to rid this country of its enemies both foreign and domestic especially those that participate in politics to be served rather than to serve and to take away rather than to give. It is therefore necessary to enlighten you that grumbles in a jungle amounts to nothing but continued oppression, suppression and repression, and to avoid the continuity of this and other jungle features that we are experiencing as a people, we have the duty, the obligation, the responsibility to fight the good fight for a true human society where egalitarianism and true freedom is enjoyed, a society where we will not be free to molest others which are less strong than ourselves or to trample on their rights just because we are more influential. We should fight for freedom but not that of the jungle where might and power is everything and we must be ready to change our ways from that of the jungle where the welfarism and security of others is never our concern but our primary target of attack. It is time we stop grumbling and act for our collective good as a people, as a nation. We must stand up and agitate against every reason for our grumbles even to the smallest of them, we must agitate against every persons responsible for these reasons, and we must agitate for a civilized country where all are equal, justice is done, redress is make when necessary, prosperity is available for all who pursue it earnestly and happiness is a thing for all who deserve it to behold, and we must shape our ways to sustain and promote it continually.

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