Education: A Supposed Key By Olukanni Oyindamola R.

“Education sector in Nigeria would witness improvement and provide free education if stealing of public funds is effectively checked”:- Dr Muazu Babangida Aliyu, Niger State governor

“Nigerians misuse education schemes, violate Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), indulge in drug trade and yet try to boss over Goans which no civilized society would tolerate,”- Goa MP Shantaram Naik

Education is the greatest force that can be used to bring about change. It is also the greatest investment that a nation can make for the quick development of its economic, political, sociological and human resources.

We’ve heard over and over again about the importance of education which in my best opinion, I think it’s not bad. As a Nigerian, I’ve come to know that things are always overrated.

I don’t know if it’s right to say education too is overrated but I’m sure that the importance placed on education in this country is not worth it.

If politicians and non-politicians are ready to play their political chess, it should not be on the board of education. If I’m not mistaken, education is the future of any nation. But what happens when we lack the real essence of education? Can we say we have a future?

Developed countries have invested so much in education that it added “DEVELOPED” to their COUNTRY. Where we have poor education system and administration, it evidently added UNDERDEVELOPED or DEVELOPING as the case may be, though, I have my reservations on the word ‘developing’.

Education which is supposed to be the key to a better future or brighter tomorrow in our beloved country is in shambles and the current state is heartbreaking.

It’s now crystal clear that education in Nigeria is not meant for the poor. And we know that we have more poor communities/individuals in Nigeria. I think it’s safe to say that they all shouldn’t go to school.

For the record “Nigeria retains a high level of poverty, with 60.9% living on below $1/£0.63 daily implying a decline in equity”:- National Bureau of Statistics 2010. As at 2012, it increased to 63%.

The Human Development Index (HDI) provides a measure of human capital development in three dimensions: income, health, and education. The latest value of HDI shows that Nigeria is ranked 156 with the value of 0.459 among 187 countries. The value places Nigeria in the bottom, meaning that Nigeria is considered to have low level of human development.

If the saying that ‘youths are the leaders of tomorrow’ was based on education,  I guess our current leaders are doing the right thing by retaining the positions as “our tomorrow” is yet to come due to the terrible state of education which is caused by the leaders.

Thank God for the free flow of information, we’ve seen how our beloved government has been spending the nation’s money on private properties. What then happened when information like this was strictly released by 9pm on NTA news in those days? Well edited and doctored you say!

Employment is another topic for another day.

I think education is highly overrated in this country because as a young boy/girl that finished secondary school at the right age of 16years old; UTME, Post UTME and school fee may delay your entrance to any school of choice till 20years old or so if you passed WAEC and NECO at 1st sitting.

If you gained admission at age 20 for a 4years course, which by 25 you should be done adding a year for service to it which I still think is a waste. ASUU and internal strike may occur and you’ll be delayed. Say another year is added, and you have your certificates at 26years old. The company you applied for will request for at least 3years experience and you must be 25years old to apply. The more you search for job, the older you become, the more you use ‘football age’, the more frustrated you become.

There is no better way to end this write up because it won’t end here. I’ll just say, do the right thing if you’re in the position of power and as a teenager or youth, empower yourself. Time won’t wait anyway!

Thanks for your time.

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