Yet Another Doren Pain: Mama Tolu Shares Her Own Ordeal

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I took my son to Doren on the 21st July because he was throwing up, he was given four liquid medication by the next day he became worse and was throwing out virtually everything. I took him back to the hospital on 22nd of July Monday evening because he got worse, we got to the hospital at 6:20pm saw the doctor, we did a test and was told he has viral infection (he was treated for the same in June) the doctor decided my son will be admitted this was around 7:30pm we were there at the reception for another 2hrs 30mins waiting for the nurse that will take us to the ward.

When we eventually got to the ward at about 10pm they only had baby curt / bed so I asked how long my son will be admitted for I was told may be 5days I was shocked because no arrangement was made for me the mother in the children ward. So I asked the nurse were I will be staying while my son is taking his treatment I was told the only provision made for parent is a chair, so I decided to ask my husband to bring me a mattress while I was making enquiry if my husband could bring a mattress for me I noticed there were black ants crawling all over the floor, when I brought the nurses attention to it she told me the room had not been cleaned in two days yet they have a patient already admitted in a room that has not been cleaned for two days and the dad of the boy admission told me he has been trying his best to keep the room clean because their cleaners have not been in that room.

I then requested to be put in another ward, I was given the option of the women ward when I got there I found out there is no light in that ward at this point I was so upset I went back to the reception and asked for an alternative treatment to admission I was told no alternative then I told them I cannot stay in a room with ants crawling all over also in a room without light, the said if I want to go with my son I will have to sign. I told them I will not sign because my decision to take my son was due to inadequate facility to calm the situation their director offered me a single room free. I took that option thinking that was the end of my ordeal.

We got to the room that was about 11pm now I was told a doctor will set a line for him the doctor tried but it was not successful then I was told it will be converted to injection just for the night I agreed he was given the injection.

The next morning Tuesday 23rd at about 8am I went to the nursing station to ask for the medication for the day because I was told he was on antibiotics on getting there the nurse I met told me she was coming and asked me to go back to my room I waited at about Ihr 30mins no one showed up so I went back to the nursing station again I met a nurse so I asked her for my son’s medication she told me she just resume duty and she needs to eat I ask if she could see him before she eat I went on to tell her he’s running temperature and crying she said she was hungry and will see me after she finish eating. I decided not to talk again I went back to the room and gave my son pain reliever I had on me and I continue waiting I waited till 12noon and no one came I went back to the nursing station and enquire if someone can see my son four nurses came and they started auguring on what the doctor wrote in the file at this point I drove them out of the room and ask to see a doctor that can properly interpret medical note. Cos I don’t want to continue waiting I went to their reception and asked to see the director I was taken to his secretary I eventually saw him he then handed over the case to his secretary not quite 30mins a doctor came to see my son it was already 1pm in the afternoon. The doctor set the IV line and my son started his treatment I still continued the follow up so the medication can be administered on time.

On Wednesday I continued with my follow up. I told the doctor that came for ward visit that he was still throwing up she said he might need a stronger antibiotics which they don’t have in their pharmacy because its expensive

In the early hours of Thursday at about I :30am my son had very high temperature I went to the nursing station saw the nurses sleeping woke one of them up and told her my son is running temperature and throwing up she told me she was coming but did not show up for another hour before she came I had given him pain reliever and mopping him with lukewarm water though he threw some of the medication at about 5am the night doctor came, his temperature was still high so I asked if they could carry out another test, he said it was not necessary I asked why he said it will just amount to incurring an on necessary cost on the part of the hospital and the HMO may not pay for it. I told him I will pay then he replied I will have to wait for the Morning doctor I asked why he said because his shift will soon be over. I had no choice but to wait. I waited till 10 am I had to keep mounting pressure on the nurses until they got tired of seeing my face every 30mins. The doctor came and ordered for a new test to be carried out when the test result came my sons infection level was still as high as what it was on Monday evening.

At this point I asked to see the doctor again to know what next to do, I was told they will have to refer him to a pediatrician and will have to speak to the HMO they called and got a referral code.

In conclusion, each time Doren treats me is either I go back to the hospital for a retreatment or I consult other doctors or pharmacist for example: I was treated for cough and cold in march at Doreen the cough persisted for 3 months and I kept going back to Doreen to complain because it was becoming embarrassing they a advised I should take time off. In june I decided to ignore the hospital and did a research on dry tickly cough and I got the treatment for it on the internet I then went further to enquire from a doctor he asked if he could see the medication I was given earlier from Doreen I showed him and he confirm that the medication will not treat my cough in a million years he also asked me to get the same medication I saw on the internet (Bendryl N1,200 and piriton N30) the doctor added that Doreen will not dispense such drugs because its expensive but they should have advised me to get it. I bought this medication and my cough went in 3 days.

It was due to their service I decided to change my hospital when I was pregnant with my son because I could not entrust my life and that of my unborn child to so called professional as careless as they are.

Doreen care for no one but money, their nurses are very rude same has their front desk staff. The hospital is always dirty and smells, one has to practically beg to be attended to because you cab stay the whole day at the hospital if you don’t beg and continuously remind them not to forget about you. Doreen has substandard doctors and nurses.


– Mama Tolu

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