Today, I Choose To Be Positive By Seun Solaja


Today, I choose to be Positive

If being positive means standing up against what is wrong

If standing up means speaking out against the ills of my country

If the ills of our time means corruption and social injustice

If corruption means bribery and aiding

If injustice means depriving fundamental rights

Then today, I will choose to be Positive


Today, I choose to be Negative

If being negative means not stealing from my country’s coffers

If stealing means diverting funds for community boreholes to my wife’s purse holes

If my wife’s purse hole is deep and endless

If deep means a thousand pieces of Milan designs and counting

If endless stretches farther than the embellished doors of Swiss jewellers

Then today, I will choose to be Negative

Today, I choose to be Loud

If loud means screaming to the world my country’s best

If being the best means the richest country we potentially are

If best means we are only misguided and riotous angels

If misguided means bombing on the plateaux of Jos

If riotous means burning on the streets of Aluu

Today, I still choose to be Loud

Today, I choose Silence

I silence the inner voice that speaks ill at will

I silence gainsayers and naysayers

I silence the vicious cries of depravity

I silence the rambunctious screams of nepotism

If silence means shutting up hues of ill-fitting propaganda

Then today, I choose Silence

Today, I choose to Grieve

I grieve for the naked corruption that pervade my country

I wail for the senseless killings that make widows and orphans per night

I cry for the brainwashed boy that blows himself up for lies retold

I weep for the defenceless child who may get married before her first period

If tomorrow looks bleak and hope remains shattered

Then today, I choose to Grieve

Today, I choose to be Merry

To dance, to eat, and drink wine very

To sleep and wake with late night movies

To make the most of the day ‘cos now I’m privy

To forget what the future cares to give even if I’m lonely

Maybe tomorrow I might have some grieving

But today, I choose to be Merry


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