The Big Man By Vivian Beulah Igbokwe


He parks his car at the village square

And decides to take a stroll

But at each corner he looks

He hears their cries

He sees their pain

Their women bent over in pains

And within he melts

Or was he?

Because he calls for a village meeting

On the podium his big voice could be heard saying

“I will build the schools”

“I will bring the light”

Then in a moment, the people see a light

Behind him they form a line

And pledge their support, their life

The BIG MAN enters the glass office

He thinks

Oh! My Belinda, what can I do for you?

He buys her a car

He thinks again

Oh! My Sussana, what will make you happy?

Then he throws her a party

He buys a house at Manchester

He buys another at Cincinnati

Below the people cry

But his neck has become heavy

He can no more look down

He is receiving a call from Linda

So he can no more hear their cries

In despair, the people cry

Judgement will come upon you

He throws back his head and laughs

When did you become gods?

We are the gods of the land

He throws back his head and laughs loud

The people lift up their voice and cry loud

One day, just one day

The BIG MAN will sleep on the laps of Amanda

And will never wake up

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