Is SNC Really The Solution? By Chiechefulam Ikebuiro

I have never really been an advocate of a National conference; sovereign or not.
That, as far as I am concerned is not the solution to our problems as a people. The question we need to ask ourselves, with all sincerity, in the first place is what our problems are.

Nigeria is where she is today because of bad leadership. Period!

Will Nigeria break up in the near future? I think not. It might involve blood spilling if we are to break up and trust me Nigerians love life so much.  The solution to our problem is good leadership. I mean with good leadership which will come with a better life (lack of it being our problem) for the poor, Nigerians will not start to bother about splitting.
I just feel it is going to be another Jamboree, with billions of the tax payer’s money going down the drain. I just hope I am wrong in the end, but I see this coming to nothing. Forgive my cynicism (call it naivety if you want), but you should not blame me too much because we have been here before.  You see ehn, in this clime our leaders tend to have this selfishness like no other . They just don’t do things like that. Something’s got be in it for them. Their activities over the years have actually shown they do not really care much about you and me. Did a certain Olusegun Obasanjo not organize this same kind of thing sometime in 2005? Billions of Naira was spent ain’t it? Nobody’s ever going to account for that. That’s gone! Remind me what the outcome of that conference was again. Oh,yeah I remember there was an outcome. In fact the committee came out with a report after the conference-a report which was thrashed by the National assembly. One time!

Chief Obasanjo set that up because he wanted third term. We will eventually get to know why the president is setting this one up now.
The other day I took some time out to ask some of the ordinary folks (like me) what they thought about the National conference and I was not at all surprised they did not give a hoot about it. To these ones, Nigeria’s problem will be solved  when they have food to eat, when they can afford quality education for their wards, when they have good jobs to do, when they can be assured they will not die of malaria because our hospitals are not up to standard. Nigeria’s problems to these ones will be solved when their wards can actually complete a four year course in the university in four years. Not some talking conference.

I mean the Ijaw man will not talk about breaking up from Nigeria when he has clean water to drink. He feels aggrieved because most of the country’s wealth is coming from his land which in the process messes up his water, and we cannot even look for alternative ways to give him clean water. He still uses boat to travel in 2013.Whatever happened to building bridges et al for them? Provide the basic things of life for him first and let us see if he wants to break away.

Do you think the Northerner will think about breaking away from Nigeria if he is provided quality education?  He would not even give a thought about joining boko haram( which is threatening to destroy Nigeria), if he is provided adequate employment.

Same goes for the Ibo man, as well as Yoruba, Efik, Igbira, Kanuri, Nupe name them.
It all boils down to good leadership. If we have good leadership, which will obviously come with some quality development, what will we be sitting down to talk about? With this(good leadership), Nigerians will be proud to be Nigerians. We will live happily together. Good leadership will bind us together!

The lack of good leadership has been our problem; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

To get the desired change we crave. There is urgent need for the decentralization of government from the federal to state to local .There is so much concentration of power at the center, in this case the federal government.
Governance needs to move nearer to the people. It is just so far away from us. There is urgent need for the states to run themselves (police et al inclusive) as I am certain there are numerous resources in all the states to be tapped. We are just being lazy because there is oil. With this; bar corruption, we will see a significant change.

The cost of running government in this clime is next to none. This has to reduce. I do not understand why a legislator here, should earn more than the president of the world.
Now let us assume at the end of this talk they come up with possible solutions to Nigeria’s problems which may include the decentralization of government as mentioned above, as well as reduction in the cost of running government, including a significant reduction in what our lawmakers currently take home, do you think the president will let it fly knowing fully will that it strips him of a hell lot of powers? Do you think our lawmakers will let it fly knowing full well that it is going to impact negatively on their pockets?  Because you must still be on a long thing (apologies DBanj) if you think the president as well as our lawmakers won’t alter any outcome of this conference.

I just hope I am proved wrong. I honestly hope so. Time will tell. Good luck Nigeria.

What sort of conference will not include the youth -the  future of Nigeria?



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