#iBelieve…to the ones we have lost, Happy Independence Day #Nigeria – Omojuwa

I want to dedicate my memory today to the souls of those we lost at #OccupyNigeria, to the departed spirits of those we lost to countless acts of terrorism, to the unsung heroes of our nationhood and our fledgling democracy. I believe that #Nigeria will rise through these tough times and would be the great country it was destined to be from the very beginning. I believe that serving the living must be a hallmark of that march and I believe that honouring the dead, the souls lost to the quest of a better society is crucial too. I believe that on a day like this, we should not be about what divides us but what unites us.

I believe that if we, so called ordinary Nigerians, commit to making a difference everyday, Nigeria will be fine. My prayer goes to those people who do not care about today because while they live in a supposedly Independent nation, their daily lives are shackled by poverty and diseases. I want to pray for strength, for those working and toiling and hoping that this country gets it right. I do not want to remind us of our failures, they are too many to even ignore but to say that many have been here before and they are in a better place today. Many countries have been though decades of leadership failure but when they finally got it right, the emerged into the greatness of inclusive prosperity. I believe that Nigeria will find itself in this right place someday. I pray that our efforts will not be in vain. It is my hope that, in the midst of this darkness, we will walk though the hard times and come out on the other side, to the light of prosperity, peace, justice and unity. This is for those we’ve lost. I pray they Rest In Peace. Happy Independence Day friends.

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