Horror In The Claws Of Terror, Agony Fear And Insecurity By Dahiru Mohammed Lawal

A sea of bleak eyes, its sleek glitz exuding only from a veil of hot liquid over its pupil, iris and sclera. Its socket ladened with the same liquid that could pass for a molten magma, overflowing its chambers and reeling freely down the chins through the cheeks, so hot, burning the facial skin. Stomach temperature as high as a blast furnace, ribs cracking like bullet shattered plunks as the heart beats against its cage, bleeding alongside. The exterior body forlorn, every single hair

on its skin standing separately erect, rattled at the slightest creep of a cockroach, surely for fear of the oblivious. All these borne out of agony, pain, horror, and fear due to insecurity. In another scenario, Imagine an asthma struck patient in the absence of an inhaler gasping for breath, gasping for relief, gasping for the feel of those very elements that makes living priceless, gasping for life until the cold arms of death come beckoning……….Now, that is pain, that is agony, that is what people are forced to live with every counting seconds of their entire natural cum horrific life! Do you

ever have an idea how it feels? Have you ever found yourself in such dilemma? If negative, then you could at least spare some moment and willfully offer your conscience to imagine such a dreaded situation. A situation where the only choice you’ve got is to face it! Of the truth, there is no amount of psychological subjection you can compel yourself to imagine that would measure up to that of the one who is really going through it. Let’s not pretend, we can scarcely feel the pains of someone who is going through a situation, but at least we could have an idea. Let me drive my point further by deviating a little. In the 1994 Hollywood hit comic movie baby’s day out, after baby Bink went amiss and the FBI came in for investigation, the FBI chief in charge of the investigation Dale Grissom assured Mrs. Laraine Cotwell they would do everything possible to find her missing baby, at the same time he tried further to sympathize with her by lamenting “I understand how it feels.” With a gaze that shows how stunned she was with his claim of ‘understanding how it feels,’ she asked “have you ever lost a child?” He shook his head and said “no ma’am” she said “then you have no idea how it feels.” Now that is how far people don’t know how you feel until they have to go through it themselves. That’s just a movie you would say, but I have made my point. On a more personal experience, sometime I was to travel somewhere I have never been to, as the sun sets with darkness gradually creeping in, I calculated I would get to my destination late at night. The thought of how to get shelter over my head first troubled me a lot. While growing up to my senses I had known that there are billions of people the world over who had no home, no shelter, but it was that moment I had a feel of what it could truly mean to be homeless, implications per se. For that moment alone I felt what they have been feeling through their lives and mine was just for a night if eventually it was to be.

Based on this, one can rightly deduce that on a normal scale, feelings in the other context other than that of the physical sensation of touch generally are exclusive; they are to the bearer what no one else in the world experiences, except of course where it is mutual. So, when on Wed. 16 October 2013 I crisscrossed a caption “Billions already wasted, Mark, Tambuwal, two deputies reject multibillion naira govt homes.” on the pages of Premium times, I almost jumped for joy, foolishly thinking the rejection was due to a rare display of morality and decorum, a scarce phenomenom among our Nigerian politicians. I thought to myself that the time has begun to draw nearer, the time where morality and decorum would matter more to some Nigerian Politian’s than dancing shamelessly towards the gallery of mouth watering temptations and ill acquired undeserving opulence. I wondered happily, where did these men buy theirs?  I needn’t read further than the first paragraph than I became utterly disappointed, blaming myself bitterly for ever thinking these people will change for one moment in their political lifetime. Contrary to my thinking, they had rejected the homes on the grounds of insecurity! Trust Nigerians, we overlooked that and applied the Biblical theory of turning the other face.

Scarcely have we finished turning it than we were slammed with a dirtier N255m armoured vehicle slap unraveled by Sahara reporters which was initially denied but later confirmed. On the same ground of Insecurity! My God! Granted that all this extravagant sabotaging of the wealth of a Nation whose over %70 population are clad and adorned in chronic hunger, abject poverty and virtually every single ordinary citizen wallowing in insecurity not of terrorist alone but of security forces and politicians themselves, I couldn’t help wondering how this people came about being so sensitive to security or the imminent lack of it. I actually thought they are not sensitive at all since they don’t know how it feels; they have never tested it at all. I wondered further, insecurity in a home that would eventually be heavily guarded? Insecurity for a minister that moves around under the heavy protection of armed mobile policemen? Wonderful! If they could be so sensitive to insecurity even while under heavily guarded protection that means they could also imagine the feelings, the pains, horror and agony the very people they are presiding over go through every blessed day of their faithful life due to exposure to insecurity, if their conscience allows them that is. I can’t help imagining whatever gave this people the guts and effrontery to dare think they are higher class of deserving humans, what makes them think their single dirty souls are more sacred than that of millions of exposed precious insecure souls, what makes them think they don’t deserve to have a little feel of the insecurity their subjects are passing through? Ah! So what is good for the goose is not good for the gander shebi??? This is an insult to the memory of thousands of Nigerians who lost their lives due to terror strikes, trigger happy security force personnel shots, political mayhem or air mishaps. It is a daring insult on the intelligence and fortitude of the bereaved who have tried to move on without their lost loved ones. It is a spit on every single insecure ordinary citizen of Nigeria who by the tenets of democracy should be the ones dictating for this politicians. With such shameless displays one would agree that ours is not a nation riddled with natural disasters but one saddled with artificial calamity; politicians! They have made us so resign to faith so much that we are already humbly accepting our predicaments in their hands. This is just one example of what I mean, on Thursday  October 3 , I was in a cyber cafe when I saw news of the Associated airline plane crash and I exclaimed aloud “another plane crash!” The reaction that greeted my exclamation was as demoralizing as the plane crash itself. People just stared at me unassumingly untouched and then continued with what they were busy at before my interrupted exclamation, nobody said a thing. I buried my head shamefully but couldn’t help being stunned. Deaths and crashes are now so much a part of our normal lives that we are not moved by further occurrences no more, it’s no longer news, it expected, and when it comes it is taken.

I always tell people who listen to me that I respect and envy certain countries for nothing else but for certain things they do, America for one; first of, the lives of their citizen is more sacred above any other thing you can think of, you can see the passion in the actions with those charged with their responsibilities take when it comes to their citizenship matters home and abroad, criminal or law abiding. Secondly they embrace potentials for their own industrial growth and development broadly, it doesn’t matter if you are a monstrous alien from another planet, so long you could tame you to satiate their interest by giving them what they want. America has a reason why it does what it does, so does other Nations, just like Nigeria has reasons why it does what it does also, the sanctity of motive irrespective. Besides America is far more advanced than Nigeria but am just passing a message, alright? It goes without mention that we have serious security issues in this Nation, issues that goes beyond purchasing N255m armoured luxury cars, issues that goes beyond abandoning multibillion naira projects just to make another pick on choice areas for single souls. It goes beyond it, but current Boko Haram insurgency is the most viral. Five months ago when GEJ declared a State of Emergency in Boko Haram hotspots I was optimistic but still had my reservations which I kept to myself but prayed silently for a miraculous victory. First of, the state of emergency was not implemented in the complete sense of it. Secondly, the stick and carrot approach didn’t make much sense to me, why because the blood suckers have continued to defy the dangling carrot and refuse to come forth. Also, it signifies weakness and phobia of the Nigerian government to brutally face these insurgents and annihilate the heartless souls once and for all. They have seen the weakness and they know thereby encouraging them to carry on their strikes fearlessly only after a short break. Nonetheless fanatics and sycophants went viral celebrating the stick and carrot approach as though it was a declaration of victory over the villains. Five months after things are only getting messier. Spare the rod and spoil the child they say, evil remains evil, you cannot crucify evil by romancing evil, its either you fall victim, or end up becoming part of it.

I had hitherto refused to talk on security issues because I thought even if I speak they won’t understand just like they don’t understand every other thing because they don’t know how it feels. Now that they have proven to us that they are more sensitive to security issues more than even those facing the real horror of it, especially with our commander in Chief – Now president of the federal republic of Nigeria, only – confirming that no amount is too cost to procure security for single souls who are supposedly in charge of providing security and safety for their subjects, then I think I should make my point perhaps it would sink. It is pertinent to note that for the context of this discussion ‘security’ here all encompasses every aspect of life threatening issues and its aftermaths consequence to every victim, bereaved and concerned citizens. Your ‘excellencies’ and ‘honorable’ at the top, we understand that you do not know how it feels to be hungry since you all have either never tasted hunger or have forgotten how it feels, we understand you do not know how it feels to be poor since money is all not your problem; the problem is how to spend it, we understand you do not know how it feels to be unhealthy since you all can threat even the slightest headache in the most sophisticated specialized hospitals abroad, we understand you all do not know how it feels to be out of school since you can easily purchase your doctorate and honorary degrees anytime at any cost; and also send your wards to ivy league schools overseas, we understand that you do not know how it feels to go through the harshest living conditions we are daily subjected to go through since your houses offices and cars are all luxuriously posh fully air conditioned. But now that we know that you all understand how it feels to be insecure, how it feels for a single soul’s life to be under threat, please honor our knowledge by tackling security vigorously and seriously, we can talk about the rest later. I know you know that the threatened minister is one out of millions of citizens whose lives are under threat, I also know that you know that hers and those of the parliamentarians are mild compared to those who have to live with it daily. People are living in penury panic and horror because they do not know what is to befall them next, people are living in fear not because they are still scared of what could befall them any moment, but because they are scared of how it would befall them, people are living in pains and agony because they have lost lives, property, dignity and even pride. All due to lapses in security. Please do something about it, even if it means buying a N255m armoured vehicle for every insecure citizen, since that is now the standard, the make doesn’t matter for now. You can, yes you can! Ignore those who don’t believe in you on this one, I do, especially since I now understand you all know how it feels.
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