Corruption and Nigeria’s #Ourperson Syndrome By Olukayode Aluko

Nigerians have overtime being generally used to the concept of “it’s our own, it’s our person, let him/her be there” at political gatherings or places where representative are to be nominated or elected regardless of how well vast, fitted or good the individual in question is. This is what I termed “our person syndrome” and I modestly which to state that Nigeria as a country (not a nation) has found it difficult to achieve her potentials because of this malady.

This syndrome has long lived with us as far as we can remember from the days of nepotism to a more legalized federal character which prioritizes tribal interests more than anything else in our governance system till this present day. This syndrome is likened to an Iroko tree which can be curtailed why growing up but with our collective refusal it continues till it becomes impossible to curtail. (Hoping the National conference can look at issues of this nature).

Friends, Nigeria has never had so badly in her quest for the fight against this menace like is currently being witnessed. Sadly enough, Mr President had severally reiterated his resolve to fight corruption but no feasible results has been displayed by those gestures and it has affected Nigerians commitment to the government of the day towards this fight.

My observation lately has shown that the government have coerced or is coercing Nigerians to deal with it going by the level of administrative recklessness we are made to witness each and every passing day in virtually every notable sectors of our national life from education, sports, aviation, health to name but a few.

One pertinent question critical readers of this piece need to ponder on is this?

  1.  Why has the EFCC suddenly become ineffective to her responsibilities?

2. Why has none of all the high profile government officials been jailed for corrupt or related offences?

Of course some will confidently come out to defend the indefensible saying the Maladministration, corruption and what have you did not start with this dispensation, yes they are right, but why are they giving Nigerians the attitude of (deal with it you caused it, it’s everywhere in the world) impression? My answer to the above is simple, the best antidote to corruption and bad governance is for the government to without further delays optimize on her performance and stop corruption. (Using the Chinese model if possible). At least you have the best opportunity to lay good precedence for any future government in the country.

The level of recklessness witnessed in the days of the military were not extremely shown to Nigerians because of access to the information media, but with the height of what we see daily my imaginations continues to beat me as a young man.

My advice for this administration is simple, though it is clearly revealing that 2015 ambitions at various levels either through the usual body language of politicians, tribesmen or by their vocalist is suspecting, the antics of the people working for the president is not helping his case in anyway and making him more unpopular within the voting populace on a weekly basis. Corruption is never to be trivialized on the table of “our person syndrome”.

Written by: @justkayode

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