Citizenship: A Major Factor In National Development By Abiola Akintunde

Dear compatriots, I write you with utmost disappointment in you as you are the cause of our tragedy and this corruption that has plagued us for decades. You are the ones responsible for our continuous suffering at the hand of these fraudsters and dictators that parade themselves as military head of state or democratic head of state i.e. “PRESIDENT”.

know that by now, you will be asking yourself, HOW? ‘How am I a cause of this menace that hangs itself over us and cast its shadows over our lives, how am I an hindrance to national development?’ The form or shape these questions took did not matter, there is just an answer to them all; you have failed as a citizen and has lost your citizenship.

A citizen is a native or naturalized member of a state or other political community while a state is the group of people comprising the government of a sovereign state or a politically organised body of people under a single government. Nigeria is where it is today because of you; the government. On the other hand, citizenship is the status of a citizen with rights and duties or the conduct of a citizen, which institutionalised us as the government by the “Nigerian Constitution”. What led to your failure as a citizen and the lost of your citizenship is a product of so many factors among which is fear, cowardice, religion and cultural values.

In the quest of my self conviction, that, it’s not your fault because you are illiterate and uneducated but this quest of mine was terminated by the existence of the intelligentsia; a social class responsible for social and economical change in a society. I’m not writing you to criticise or insult you but to make you realise that graceful acceptance by the citizenry of our dear country of the acts perpetrated by our “public office holders” will do us no good but will only ensure the continuous underdevelopment of our dear nation and suffering of the Nigeria people. Without overstating, you must ensure that we move forward in attaining national development by making sure our “public office holders” have an overriding aim of a good, sound, utilitarian and constructive interest of Nigerians in mind as their priority. This however, can not be accomplished through criticism nor graceful acceptance but can only be accomplished by checkmating them, either by expressing your dismay to what has happened, what is happening or what will happen, through agitations against deprivation of the highest superficiality or by agitating for innovations and radicalising towards positive change.

However, the most challenging obstacle to the attainment, achievement and accomplishment of this, is your stand in the political affairs of the nation at all levels. It is of great importance to note that, for this obstacle to be overcome and demolished, you have to realise your importance to the development of our society in all walks of life. This importance of yours, you asked me about, and I tell you, to be able to build a virile, just and great society for ourselves, you have to perform your responsibility as a citizen and a free man of this nation of ours as the constitution has empowered us.

It will be unforgivable if I don’t make you realise that if you reclaim your citizenship, especially you that is educated, national development is within our grasp. For it is the educated that are raw materials from which innovators, agitators, radicals, reformers and revolutionaries are made, for the better of the society. For they only, agitated against the continuance of colonial rule, brought about political manumission and fought against dictatorship and tyranny in all their forms in the past. They are able to achieve all this because they refuse to standby and watch, and they took up the responsibility of a citizen who believe in an independent and a better Nigeria solely because of the liberty of Nigerians and those that are yet to be (the unborn generation). You, the dear ELITES of this nation are the bane of our problem. Your attitude is what got us here; for you are corrupt, you are an indisciplined fellow. As a worker; are you in office when you are suppose to be, are you committed to your work, can you be trusted with money (public or private fund), can you stand on your feet and agitate against all abnormalities, can you be truthful in all your dealings, can general interest supercede your very own personal interest, can you be indifferent ethnically, regionally and religiously? I am bold to say that I doubted it, but you need this attitudinal change before Nigeria can develop and be a better place to live rather than the worst place to be. You must change first, before you can change the situation of this nation, before you can agitate against these fraudsters and criminals alike. What have you done since these fraudsters and criminals have been looting the purse of this nation, since they don’t longer cherish the lives and properties of Nigerians not to talk of our safety, since they have taken away our rights and privileges and place themselves over the constitution, since some CABAL are greater than our dear MR. PRESIDENT, since our oil which should be a blessing has turned to a curse…

Nigeria is where we are because you have failed as a citizen and has lost your citizenship which is a major factor in national development. We are where we are because you have failed to defend your rights and perform your duties in accordance with our constitution.

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