BMW Saga : Wrong Is Wrong? By Chiechefulam Ikebuiro

“Perhaps it is better to be irresponsible and right, than to be responsible and wrong” Winston Churchill

My first reaction when the BMW news hit the streets was that of surprise or should I say suspicion. I just felt some people were out to smear Stella Oduah. The news just would not die down until her aide finally confirmed the purchase.

Even at that I still did not want to believe it. I thought the calls for her sack were misplaced. Let’s just say I was being sentimental. This was because I thought she had done well (relatively) as aviation minister. The new looks of some of our airports, the completion of the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu (started by Yaradua) and all made me sort of ask for her to be given a second chance.

My take initially was for her to eat the humble pie, apologize and just hope that she will not get the boot.

Unfortunately I was hoping for the impossible. In this clime those at the helm never apologize for any sleaze. In fact in their heads they think they have done no wrong. After all it is the norm. Her silence since the news broke out has continued to get me angry. On top of that she had to travel for some pilgrimage, where thousands of tax payer’s money will still go to waste. That, to me looks like arrogance.

I have since thought it through and through and come to the conclusion that there is no justification whatsoever for corruption. There should be no excuse if we are to have a better country. There should be no sentiments when it comes to tackling corruption. This is largely why we are where we are today and if we are to move away from the woods, then the time to start is now.  Stella Oduah, if she really had a hand in this, is wrong and she has to face the music.

Let us even compare what we have here as airports to what obtains in other climes. It not even like the stench that come from most of the toilets on most of our airports has really stopped. A friend who just came back from France, had a stop at Ethiopia and told me point blank that our airports are way behind what he saw (in Ethiopia). My younger sister, was awe struck when she visited Dubai.The first thing she told me when we talked was how out-of-this-world the airport is. It felt like she was in wonderland. “Don’t even go there bro, our airports no reach”! Was all she could say. With the amount of resources we have (and I have it on good authority that a hell lot of money comes out of the aviation industry), we should not be celebrating trivial things! Our airports are taking great shape? What shape? Are our runways safer?

It is simply ridiculous, especially for a public official to spend over a quarter of a billion, on two cars. This was so ill timed!  At this time, when our students have been at home for over three months because ASUU is owed some money.

The claims that the bullet proof cars were for her personal security as well as that of foreign dignitaries, to me, is some bull! The state of insecurity we find ourselves in, in this country is because of the thievery of those at the helm. Just like this one. In fact we knew about this because it blew open. Think about how many more corrupt practices going on in other ministries as it is a fact that something similar is going on in other ministries. It is like a norm. Now imagine where the money stolen from these ministries are put together and pumped into improving our security. Would she have had any need to roll in bullet prove cars? Would she have gotten into this mess? Perhaps yes and maybe Not, but at least this would not have been blamed on her security and what not.
It is their fault that safety of lives and property is not guaranteed in Nigeria; they now add salt to injury by stealing us blind to protect only themselves. Build houses with fences as high as the Berlin wall- a situation that would not have been necessary had they put all these stolen resources into improving Nigeria’s security.

Whose safety is even more important? Methinks it is our.

It is understood the President has set up a committee to investigate the purchase of the two armoured cars as usual. I think it is good we give her a fair trial. I only hope this is not a charade. I hope it is not something that is been set up to deceive Nigerians. News is already filtering in that there is a plan for a cover up. We have been hearing news of lobbying here and there. This is not good at all. I beg Sambo Dasuki and Sali Bello led committee to, in the name of God and for the future of this country, get to the root of this matter and let the guilty do time. This way the world will know our seriousness in making Nigeria better again. This way we can take the president serious on his fight against corruption.

The fight should not end there (this is assuming the culprits are brought to book). The corruption in most (if not all) our ministries sink; some of them done in broad day light. It is time this government stopped giving us the impression that some people are above the law. This hydra headed monster should be taken on, no matter whose ox is gored.
The fight against corruption should go beyond friendship, party affiliation ….whatever!


I have heard that Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu state is doing a good job. Coming from friends who reside in the said state, I choose to believe them, at least until I see things myself. But recent reports show that he is not doing the same as regards managing his family.

This should have been a private matter for the governor to deal with. I still think it is, but the fact that I and Clara went to the same University at the same time (though we never talked) will not let me mind my business. I take solace in the fact that as a governor he should understand that his life is no longer private so to speak.

The reported claim by Clara Chime, that her husband treats her like a slave to the extent of her seeing psychiatrists, is not a nice one. She claims the governor has shut her out of his life and has also told whoever wants to hear that there is no marriage between them.  Hear her, as reported “He shut me out of his life years ago; I don’t have access to his apartment. The problem is enormous; I don’t know where to start to explain from”
If this is true, then it is not good enough. I am not a councillor, not a human rights activist, but from Clara’s appeal to the human rights activists, then it is obvious the marriage is over.  I want to appeal to Governor Chime to please have mercy and just let her go as it is evident she no longer wants in (him too).

She has gone through so much psychological trauma.

Chiechefulam Ikebuiro

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