ASUU Strike: How Effective Is NANS? By Charles Agada

Its been almost four months since the Academic staff Union of Universities (ASUU) decided to embark on a 100 days turn indefinite strike. A lot has been promised and said by the government,but as usual nothing has materialized from these “Negotiations”. I would understand why ASUU is on strike, since the union is fighting for their benefits which they are being owed, and other supposed infrastructural development incentives for universities. But what I don’t understand is why the National association of Nigerian students(NANS) isn’t fighting for the benefits of their own Union which is the students’.

The only benefit of the students in this situation is to return back to school, back to our classes. Some few days ago I read on one of the national daily’s that the NANS disrupted the traffic on the Niger bridge for hours. I almost commended this effort,until I heard that it was one of the only attempts by the union to campaign for the end of this strike. Few days short of four months and all the union has done is one “un-productive” protest, it sickens me totally. The only reason why a lot of injustice is allowed in this country is because Nigerians take it, we don’t voice out our grievances. At this point in “Negotiation”, those that can quicken the end of this strike are the students. The NANS is the body of these students, what happened to national sensitization and mobilization of students for peaceful protests?. You can’t block a bridge and sit back and expect this “Joke of a negotiation” to end anytime soon.. I suggest nationwide protests, nationwide rallies. A lot of attention should be directed to the national and state assemblies, government houses and the different ministries of education e.t.c . I haven’t seen any of this so far?.. All I see is just different statements flying around from NANS and these statements are almost irrelevant since it hasn’t done anything to better or improve the situation. I expect the NANS to demand national broadcast of this “so called negotiations” going on between the federal government and the ASUU. I respect ASUU because of their resilience and strong belief in the cause they are fighting for. NANS its your turn to stand up and fight for our interests. Our only interest is going back to school, get involved in this negotiation process, share your gatherings with the students and believe me a solution is going to surface. NANS! NANS! NANS!, this is almost the first time you are being tested in a while, please stand up and show your relevance.

Written By Charles Agada 

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