In a country where the name of the president is Goodluck, it shouldn’t take a mile’s journey before you see the smallest iota of luck smiling on the people. However, the reverse is the case in our dear nation, just as the ongoing ASUU strike lingers and every meeting ends in deadlock, meanwhile, it’s in the antipation of the students that, all these meeting upon meeting will end in Goodluck but to their utmost regret it has always been an unfruitful one.

Despite our opulence in every side, it’s every excruciating that we are wallowing in abject poverty and this same vicious cycle of poverty increases on a daily basis. Our president has since turn a deaf ears to the cry of Nigerian students and instead of giving attention to the putrid state of our education which is growing in leaps bounds, they take pleasure in travelling out of the country and leave us to enjoy the unpallatability of this side of life.

Reasons for this are very obvious, they live on another planet entirely, they travelled to different places and studiously forget what they saw there, they have failed ignominiously and that is why what we have in our educational sector is a stupefying regression of the higher order. The useful ideas given to them by pundits are in ceremoniously discarded Even, after the ground for negotiation has been re-opened, noting good is coming out of it. The usual deadlock news is all that enters our auditory nerves. It’s now true that our poor nation has been badly injured by the inept people and the dunce shipping us to a destination that leads to no good for Nigerians. And if we keep mute we will never finds a way of squirming out of this ad infinitum.

Let me quickly say that a king who ruled such that the people rejoice will not be forgotten by history and the one who rules and there is massive gnashing of teeth like we presently have never seems to cease from the land would not escape the wrath of history as well.

If Goodluck cannot help us with his luck, what shall we say then……

Good luck and dead luck – who will open the door locked against us?

 God bless Nigeria.

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