Open Letter to Governor Ibrahim Shehu Shema By Mustapha Saddiq

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter reaches you in good health. It is also my hope that this letter reaches you while you are in Katsina State, I learnt that you hardly stays in Katsina now. Actually, this letter is coming from an angry citizen that is not quite pleased with how you are governing the state in so many instances. But this is a topic entirely for another day.

Today I intended to write and brief you on an emergency issue that occurred concerning some of the citizens you are governing. I’m sorry if I boycotted the protocols. I felt it’s necessary and I believe after reading this letter, you will understand why.

It is all about the incidence that happened of Friday 20th September, 2013 of which we woke up to the sad news of a shootout in Apo district near the legislative quarters in Abuja. It all started when a combine team of soldiers and state security service (SSS) operative sacked a purported Boko Haram enclave in an uncompleted building in the area at night. There are actually two (2) versions of the story i.e that of combine team of the security forces and that of the survivors of the shooting.

The ‘official’ version is that the men in the building are members of the Boko Haram. The securities released a statement saying that they got the information from two (2) Boko Haram suspects who they had earlier arrested. They told them that they have buried arms and ammunition in the uncompleted building underground. The securities also said “no sooner had their team commenced digging for the arms than they came under heavy gun fire attack by the Boko Haram elements within the area”. That was what lead to the gun fire exchange, the statement continues. Mean while, the securities are yet to display any weapons that they might have been recovered from the building.

The other version of the news is the one by the survivors of the shooting of which they said they are just mare squatters in the building allegedly owned by an army officer. “We were sleeping around mid night when we heard a gunshot. Before we knew what was happening, the whole place was barricaded and we were being shot at indiscriminately” one of the survivors narrated.

To cut the long story short, what happened has happened and eight (8) people had been killed out of which four (4) are from Katsina State; twelve (12) people had also been injured among which two (2) of them are from the state you are governing.

Sir, I’m writing this letter to you because I’m yet to read nor hear  of any official statement from the government to commensurate with the victims of this barbaric and un-godly act by the securities. I thought this government will be courageous enough to condemn it at least, similar to the Zamfara State government. The victims and their families are being neglected by your administration, sir. My advice here is that Katsina State government should at a matter of emergency condemn the act, demand for a thorough and independent probe to the incidence and also provide all the necessary relief materials to the victims and their families. The state government should also, under the office of the attorney general stand by the victims and fight for their legal constitutional right.

With all due respect sir, issues like this worth your time and energy far more than this new PDP/old PDP palaver that seems to have taken away all your attention.

Thank you for your time sir.

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