Boko Haram attacks: 91 families of deceased officers collect N35.7m

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone One, Mr. David  Omojola has presented a cheque of  N35.7 million insurance claims to 91 families of Boko Haram insurgency in the state.

Several officers attached to the Nigeria Police Force in the state were killed on January 20  in Kano in the Boko Haram attack that engulfed the state.

Presenting the cheques on behalf of the Nigerian Police, Omojola said the amount represented a deep show of concern by the Force to families of the Boko Haram attacks in the state .

Omojola said one of the deceased’s families received N1 million while the least among them received N100,000

He disclosed that the claims was meant to alleviate the sufferings of the families, pointing out that no amount of money could bring back the life of their beloved relatives.

According to him, this was the third batch of affected families who had received their claims adding that 79 affected families had collected their claims.

He said first batch of affected families received N18.7 million while the second batch received N17.6 million.

Source: Sun News

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