Security Challenges at the Benin Airport: What went down!

The pilot of Arik Air flight W3 544, departing Benin Airport for Lagos at 9.00am on Saturday,  24th August, 2013 reported to the control tower the presence of a strange boy in the bush about 200 – 300 meters  at the end of runway 23. The control tower told the Captain that they were sending security men to the place to arrest the boy.

As the Captain was making his final turn, preparatory for take-off, a cabin crew called his attention to the information by some of the passengers that they saw a boy running towards the airplane.  The boy was said to have a bag strapped to his back.

The First Officer confirmed that they had observed the boy earlier and alerted the control tower which responded that they have sent the patrol team to arrest the boy.  Following latest information from the Cabin Crew, the Captain again reported to the control tower and was informed that the situation was under control and that he had been cleared for take-off.

The flight took off for Lagos and on arrival at the domestic wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, a teenage boy, who apparently had sneaked into the aircraft main wheel well jumped out and was arrested by Arik Air personnel and handed over to FAAN security.



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