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Power Hinged Corruption Network: The Fraud Called PHCN By Walid Moukarim

Very recently the PHCN raised its fixed charge from 500 to 800 Naira, raising the question on why and what occasioned the increase?

Power has really not shown much improvement (if any), they are still charging for prepaid meters, they still in most cases take ages to fix faults, it takes ages to get transformers repaired, replaced or provided and more so the bulk of their field staff are on casual employment with only 8,000.00 Naira a month salary, that’s 10,000.00 less than the national minimum.

So when an organization generates 37 billion per month for doing nothing (fixed charge) and ups it to 59.2 billion and not the EFCC, ICPC or the “Peoples Representative” in the name of the Senate or House of Reps has asked any questions, one can’t but wonder the kind of country we live in.

Once it was the meter maintenance fee and fixed fee which totaled to 800.00 Naira, due to outcries and proof of the non-maintenance of, or replacement of meters the organization felt to lie low and settled the outcry with a fixed charge of 500.00 Naira. Then like a thief in the night crept in the 300 Naira.

A system so fine-tuned that they have come up with a meter procurement plan called CAPMI (Corrupt Acquirement of Power Meter Initiative) where for some reason you have to buy a meter from select retailers, and the cost of the meter will be deducted from fixed charge (not discount on charge per unit) paid by you. If it is refundable by nonpayment of fixed charge for some months, why don’t they provide it? Why the Third party?

If truly the fixed charge was funds for maintenance of system loaded on the gullible and unprotected Nigerian consumers that have for so long taken rights for privileges, who with their children chorus “up nepa’ every time power comes on, then why no transformers?, why do you get cases of communities contributing to buy various components for PHCN, with no bill adjustments for the communities?, why the poor service?

Neither Airtel, MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Water Board or even Nitel of then ask communities to donate fencing for their facilities as PHCN does.

With the laws on freedom of information and all, it is necessary for the PHCN and its men to explain to us why we have been in the borrowers association to fund PHCN just to prepare to be sold off, seeing that in a place like Egypt the power and water company is state owned and runs well!!

What explains why communities would be kept in the dark for weeks and months, still getting monthly bills for no service, with such funds at hand?

What explains the use of underpaid casual staff?

There is no reason other than corruption, incompetence and a conscious effort to defraud the people that we still have to pay for prepaid meters to be issued, or beg and plead for transformer upgrades or faults fixed.

All these reasons can be checked and corrected if the relevant bodies do their job, a job to be done without recourse to compromising ones name, office or position for selfish ends at the quantum expense of the Nation.

If those found wanting are brought to book and not let off with a fine that is a millionth of the fees they would have paid lawyers, made to bear the full brunt of the law.

“We the people by the powers conferred on us by the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria, demand that the EFCC, ICPC, The Senate and The House of Reps give us answers, hold accountable all that should be held, to explain and account on the funds borrowed and generated by PHCN.”



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