Lagos Relocation saga: Governor Obi needs to grow some balls – Omojuwa

Governor Peter Obi pretends to be an ordinary man by not moving with bodyguards and all that. He is a wise man, he knows an average Nigerian would consider him a saint for that alone. Now he is whipping up public sentiments against Lagos State’s Governor Tunde Fashola. The reason is simple, someone like Governor Peter Obi would NEVER dare compete with Governor Fashola on the altar of performance. Governor’s Obi’s failings in Anambra will be his undoing. Elections are coming so he needs a distraction. If he cannot settle his issues with Governor Fashola man-to-man or government-to-government, does he think President Jonathan would cane the Lagos State Governor because he has chosen to be a crying baby over a matter they could both have dealt with? Some men need to grow balls. May be the Lagos State Government was wrong – and I think they were – , may be they had their reasons but writing the President without even starting a conversation with the Lagos State Government amounts to a need for someone to man up. You don’t have to always report to the teacher just because you have issues with your peers. Those making this an ethnic issue have issues with their mental view of the world. They are the ones that continue to see the world only through their parochial village-view. Where were they when people were relocated to Ondo, Oyo and other South-Western states? Until we are ready to debate this as Nigerians, those throwing the ethnic card must be reminded they have lost the debate already. Who made it a Northern issue when Northerners were relocated? Or do you think only those sent to Anambra were relocated by the Lagos State Government?  Read more on this issue here

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