#BbaTheChase: 5 Reasons Why Melvin Lost By @mofesola_

#BigBrotherTheChase has come and gone. For 91 days Africa waited with bated breath glued to our TV screens savouring each moment. Even some avowed critics of the show got off their high horse to share in the excitement.

I’m still in shock that Nigerian rep Melvin Oduah didn’t come out victorious. However, after my puerile rants on twitter I thought about these 5 factors that could have worked against him.

1) I love Melvin, I really do. A matured well mannered guy like him is a scarce commodity in this 21st century. However, being a perfect gentleman isn’t as cool as it used to be and I think this alienated him from some fans who thought he was fake and wanted none of his ‘morality’.

2) I respect Melvin being himself but a more entertaining and vivacious Melvin could have won.

3) Beverly’s stay in the house until the final day somehow affected Melvin, two chase-mates from the same country in the top 5 is a distraction as they both command support from the same home base.

4) Melvin is super cute and has a nice body physique, a hook-up with one of the girls no matter how brief could have made a difference especially as the girls liked him, am sure some viewers across Africa were surprised he stayed single for 91 days…for example Pokello delivered Zimbabwe for Elikem and rather surprisingly Ethiopia voted Beverly, you will agree with me that her ‘flirty romance’ with Bimp made that happen.

5) A keen observer would agree with me that Dillish was never a threat from the start, Melvin and Elikem crowned her inadvertently by allowing her ride on their popularity as head of house towards the tail end of the show…the rest is history.


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