A Letter To My Generation

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If  you are reading this and you are between the ages of 20 to 40, I bet you’ve seen enough or if you are a good reader, you’ve read enough about this country! Do me a favour! Read this piece and share with someone of this age bracket! If you are older, help share with a young hearted person.

Nigeria has so many flaws and as religiously sentimental as I am, I believe that you were born in this part of the country at such a time as this for a purpose and not mistakenly! Whether you like it or not, whether you are fulfilling that purpose or  not, it’s something that is exclusive to you and only you. Doing that thing makes Nigeria better!

My dad told me after I graduated from secondary school that his generation has failed Nigeria and he hopes mine doesn’t. I don’t know why he would have told a 14 year old boy that, but I’m assured of the groaning of his heart when he said those words. I want to think that he only compared the potential that this beloved country could achieve and the present status of what the country was then with the contributions of his generation in making Nigeria what it was. I don’t want to tell my kids those same words and I’m sure you don’t want to too. A couple of bloggers that I know and I have met are in this our age bracket and they are so passion driven and energetic that like a nine month old pregnancy, you wouldn’t mistake it for something else. Lamenting, criticizing, analyzing , breaking down. . . . and all forms of expression you can think of are characteristic of us. In every field of endeavor, you find us relating all our complaints back to the way things are and the way they could have been. If  you are not doing that, you need to start

Much more than just lament though, is a necessary verb, the word “DO”. What are you DOING differently? How really different are we from this same old calibers of politicians that stand akimbo and watch from outside, criticizing and protesting only to get there and act the same way, expecting others to take the protesting roles they left vacant so they can soon join the convoy of parasites and blinded locusts. Check the list. The worst was seeing Bode George quoting a bible verse to check politicians that steal public funds. Sighs (my lips are sealed right now, not because I don’t have words to use but because I vowed to myself not to waste words on lower animals. It’ll be cruel).Whether you like it or not, if you are the politically inclined type, we will get to the place of power and not just the corridor. It will then be the time to judge our real motives. Whether we’ll suddenly fit into a role that seemingly negates our passions, the likes of Abati and the doctor turned microphone, Okupe, or whether we’ll be like the pot-bellied senators who know they have no moral right to confront ASUU as a result of their overpaid wages and have still refused to DO anything about it.

Will we be the ones to drive the change that we all crave? Will we be the ones to uphold a nation that will one day stand united  not because of selfish interests of oil blocs and stealing opportunities which can no longer be reached in the case of a break up? Will we be the ones to uphold policies and laws available in our constitution and not just a document tagged DECREE  No. 23? Will we be the ones to make the laws and not trample it and go to the courts to defend our “trampling on the constitution even when we are SANs”?  Will we be the ones to respect our unity despite our multi-faceted differences in culture, language, character, views and not just open our mouths that might just be delivering from a sexually perverted and distorted brain about what holds in one culture and what doesn’t?  Will we be the ones that will teach the older generation about how well to go about filling our large sized pot bellies that are inversely proportional to the content of our brains? Will we be the ones to know the mathematical relationship between the numbers 16 and 19 and that one is lesser than the other?

I believe in a New Nigeria! But to expect such from these same old people with this same poverty mentality? I will be the most foolish! They are so poor, all they think about is money! And you can’t blame a poor man of thinking about money, money and more money!

Let us keep the passion, let us strive to much greater things than enriching our lives with paper currencies. Let us strive to impact our generation and the ones that will follow with the good things of life, peace, security, life worth living, purpose driven, so that Nollywood can start to churn out movies that describe the real NIGERIA, the Nigeria of diversities, yet united, the Nigeria of different characters yet synergized to fit into a perfect whole. I could describe to you a Nigeria with everything in place, but I would  need to write a book.

Keep the passion! Prepare yourself knowing of a surety that a time will come, when opportunity will meet preparation and success (that our fathers have failed to accomplish) will become natural.

Jude ‘Feranmi ‘Juwon
@juded27 on twitter

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