Transformational Madness: Pro-Jonathan Assembly members in Rivers in coup-esque take over (VIDEO)

You are likely to watch this video with our your mouth open all through. It is beyond believable. The face of impunity in the Jonathan administration has taken a new dimension. If you thought 16 being greater than 19 was bizarre with respect to the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, this video courtesy TVC will shock you further. You don’t need any TB to tell you these ones are backed up by higher powers in Abuja to even contemplate something like this let alone carry it out.

Honourable (writing this feels awkward) Bipi fighting here with Mace recently had a wedding with Mrs Patience Jonathan as a Special Guest of Honour/Mother of the Day. If you need anyone to tell you where these rogue-esque lawmakers got their guts from then you should go find that someone. Only individuals assured of presidential protection would dare this. The Jonathan soldiers will soon be here to defend it. Shame!

This is apparently in line with the transformation agenda of President Jonathan with respect to the kind of elections we should expect in 2015.

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