The Change we Need By Walid Moukarim

When God All Mighty heard the prayers of the Israelites and sort to set them free He made Pharaoh be the foster father of the chosen one to lead the Israelites free and bring down Pharaoh down.

So has God heard our prayers and cries, the signs are clear, there is confusion and cracks in the house of pharaoh, it is now for us to make sure that all infected with the disease that this pharaoh has drown with him in our sea of change.

The last time we had a government that was true to our progress (now with the benefit of hindsight) was in 1983, we were then not used to the pressures that change comes with (and probably still aren’t) and the opportunity went, while the next government fed fat we were fed with SAP, the rest is history that has kept us drifting down hill.

We should ask ourselves, Are we truly ready to weather the storm of change? Will we do that required to support the change we call for?


We should seek a workable plan, on all levels of government, public and private sectors,

Agree that the best man for the job be given the job regardless of where he comes from or his choice of worship,

Know and accept that we will be affected directly or indirectly by the effects of positive change,

That change will bring about large scale unemployment, occasioned by the sack of corrupt civil servants et al, while employing a new hopefully clean set.

Know and understand that the rot we have will take a few years to clean up.

If we are clear on this and other issues we are set to go.

We should start now to educate ourselves on how to do the right things now and when the time comes.

Those agencies that will play a role in bringing order have to be sensitized to understand their constitutional role; the righteous among them will flush the trash out of them at the appropriate time, evident from reading the cries of the DPO who wonders why they should live on charity and bribes.

We have to from now let our security agencies, elected officials, civil servants, etc know and understand what is expected of them, by God, as citizens and the constitution.

For us It’s not enough to seek change only to create a vacuum,we must be focused, we must from now select or at least put in the bench mark for the standards we want from people and organizations, know the various laws and be ready to enforce them.

Actions it said should be judged according to intensions, while all sorts of NGOs are calling for change and to fight corruption, the only solution so far is jail them, we must fashion how do we get the loot back, locally stashed and foreign stashed? The landed properties, cars and stocks?

Decide on how we would secure them and put them to good use.

Our jails will indeed be full, from those who displayed Ghana must go bags on the house floor full of bribe money to those who commission old roads and are claiming 20 billion, from the thugs we saw braking a Mace to those who kill unarmed men, women and children.

As we clamor for the peaceful path to change, the new political parties should as a duty and a must seek new passionate members and not the old political prostitutes who have through time have been members of too many parties for their selfish ends.

The lessons of various betrayals by this class of people should be held on to well, we have seen how ANPP was rubbished in so many places by those who used the party only to decamp. It’s the same with CPC, APGA, ACN, etc.

The change we seek will involve a lot of sacrifice, of our time and intellect.

We must network the various groups and individuals calling for change, not only to have a common ground but to also know the Judas among us.

To partner and put in tow agencies that fight corruption, from now as participants in our quest for change. Yes the anti-corruption camp have issues with most of the agencies but from actions so far they have tried to pull out files on a number of people and issues raised by anti-corruption groups.

Our resolve for change should make us more tolerant of each other, make us to do the right thing at all times starting from our houses, learn to queue and to wait our turn, accept our faults and seek forgiveness from those we transgress, amongst other positive traits we have to develop.

Remember if we do not start from ourselve, it will all crumble!

The greatest love of all is learning to love your self – self-destruct is not a love option!


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