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Stop bringing yourself down – @IkeAmadi Ike Amadi

We have our #LA187 Bible study family which Learns and Applies the word of God. Today we are on to Isaiah 31-34 and I’ll share the best shares of the day.

@ifeoluwaolunu shared, “Isaiah 31:1 – Woe to them that go down to Egypt. Have you ever wondered why God didn’t say woe to them that go to egypt but said go ‘down’ to egypt? This is because, they actually debased themselves and brought themselves down when God had raised them up. Debasing also means sinning here so dey actually sinned by going to egypt for help. This why God counted this against them.

Still on that verse, they went to egypt because their chariots were many and because their horsemen were strong. So they thought they could put their trust in strength and number. However, there isn’t always victory in strength and number but in God. So we shouldn’t feel secure because we’ve got money or because we have connections. We should understand that God alone is our security.

We can also say Egypt is the world.

So woe to them that turn to the world for help.”

The question might arise, “Should I then not ask unbelieving friends or colleagues for help when in need?”

Fine question. I’ll give the words of a sage, “Use the help of the creature with an eye to the Creator.”

And more interesting, the same @Ifeoluwaolunu – such a blessed young lady – wrote a different version of Psalm 126

Psalm 126:

When the Lord changed our stories, we thought we were dreaming. Then we could laugh and sing for joy. We heard neighbours passing this comment to each other. “The Lord has given them testimonies”. Indeed the Lord has given us something to testify about and we shall not hesitate to tell everyone. Young and old, rich and poor. Continually give us testimonies and tales of your greatness in our lives. And for those that grieve in their hearts and haven’t gotten one yet, soon you shall have something to tell your neighbours with joy on your lips. The man that goes to God sowing tears and asking God to do something precious shall without a shadow of doubt come to God with thanksgiving on His lips and an evidence of God’s greatness 😀

Fresh eh? Yes, very too!

And Ijeoma, our blessed AlwaysFresh, wrote the same psalm in pidgin English. Lookatthat!

Psalm 126:

1. Ah! E kan be like say na dream, I no even believe am when God carry Zion people dem wey don waka go far, come back.

2. We laff o, we sing join, we no even believe d kain good thing wey happen to us.

3. Na so nations dey gist our matter, dey talk say ‘God don do dem better!’ God don really do us better. Na jolly-jolly people we be o.

4. Time don come, GOD, make U do am again- so that all the people wey suffer plant dem crops go shout hallellujah when harvest come.

5. So that all the people wey waka commot with pain for dem mind go come back with laff and plenty blessing.

Oh well….we might just have the future Eugene Peterson’s !

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