Stella Damasus, ChildnotBride and The Saints By Adefenwa Adeshina

I find it difficult to believe that instead of commenting on her ranting Nigerians chose to judge her personal affairs.

Though I did not bother to watch her youtube video about the child marriage issue because most of our celebrities just like most Nigerians don’t really understand the issue, there was no bill, the senate only deliberated on a section of the constitution but because everybody is talking and sharing their opinions about it, they as celebrities don’t want to be seen as nonchallant, but as celebrities and with the attentions they get I believe they should have read or ask questions about the issues before talking about it but most of them never bothered to understand the issue before ranting about it.

Those that watched her attention seeking video said she “spat fire” but the responses that followed the video is what I really don’t agree with, Stella Damasus is human just like us all and she surely need a man for those cold nights, I am not writing to defend her, but the abuses and judgements about her private affairs are uncalled for, I really don’t think we should judge public figures by their private lives (except public office holders), the husband snatching allegations around her is still a rumour, and even if it is confirmed, Daniel is neither a baby, a purse nor is he a mobile phone that can be snatched, I think if we want to blame anybody it should be Daniel and Doris for allowing their marriage to fall apart, especially Daniel for not giving his marriage another shot before moving on to Stella.

We are a very “religious” nation, whatever happened to our popular saying “thou shall not judge”, Stella Damasus shared her opinion as a girl and a mother,  she has passed through the pains of marriage and childbirth, her rant and show of anger is very understandable, she doesn’t want girls that are not ripe enough for such pains to pass through it, we don’t have to shoot the messenger for her life and “misdeeds” if any, am sure most of those abusing her have done worse than her, let he/she who is blameless cast the first stone, but if you have your own short comings too, leave Stella and Daniel alone.


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