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Jonathan Vs Amaechi Brawl: Who Smiles At The End? By Pasy Chikero

They say experience is the best teacher but it looks like President Goodluck Jonathan A.K.A Joe-Shocker and his umbrella party are not good history students or just don’t care where the past points.

POTFRON-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the party leader of People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), are about to sacrifice Rivers State on the alter of pride and muscle flexing! The Rotimi Amaechi vs Joe-Shocker and Dame (the Patience Ozokwo of Nigeria) will end in a dirty way and PDP will be the casualty.

Just like it happened in Ogun State when the then Governor, Gbenga Daniel had issues with President Olusegun Obasanjo and the party, the internal wrestling championship made PDP lose the state to Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). History is about to throw its magical wand again and this time, it has enthroned itself in the oil rich state of Rivers! Playing another fast one on these men who think they know it all and can do it all-the Nigerian politicians.

Like blind men, they are sheepishly following it into their political graves. Am not a prophet but you don’t need Soothsayers to tell how this will end. PDP will suffer the collateral damage, it will lose Rivers State to the power thirsty All Progressive Congress (APC).

Did you say Rotimi Amaechi will be wrecked politically? The N1 billion question is, has Gbenga Daniel been wrecked? No! PDP has the habit of creating a reconciliation committee after a political ship wreck, they will call the wounded Lions together, make them shake hands and reinstate them back into the power circle and politics goes on!

Yes Amaechi might not get the Vice Presidential ticket but he will relish sitting back and watch PDP lose Rivers State to a rival party! The battle ground is getting too hot and political miscalculation will soon start dancing into the stage. Unfortunately, it seems PDP no longer has a national father figures who can call the family of the President and Governor Amaechi to order or may be the true power brokers in PDP are actually enjoying watching a rugged Governor dare the President to war! If not, why haven’t the likes of OBJ,IBB, Danjuma, Ekwueme really done something about this? Is this a conspiracy theory on the President to weaken him before 2015? Hmmm, just like the late Reggae Legend, Bob Marley, sang: O,time will tell!

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Pasy Chikero is the creator and writer of www.pasychikero.com. An Author,wrote Festus Keyamo’s first biography-Lion In Isolation. He is also a media consultant and Screen Writer

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