Bakare threatens to Mobilise Nigerians Against N’Assembly

In his reaction, Serving Overseer, The Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, threatens to mobilise Nigerians to storm the National Assembly if the controversial resolution of the Senate on child marriage is not reversed immediately.

Bakare, who spoke in his Sermon, Separation is Inevitable, in his church in Ogba, Lagos, on Sunday, believes the federal lawmakers have lost all moral grounds to make rational laws for the country.

Bakare, who is also the Convener of Save Nigeria Group, also challenged the lawmakers to name any of their children, who has been given out in marriage at the age of 13, wondering what could have motivated the Senators to propose such “immoral amendment.”

“Yerima has polluted the Senate and his colleagues have joined him to tell us that what we have in the National Assembly are pedophiles. The Senators must come out to tell us how many of them have married out their 13-year-old girls. Why should any sane person be legislating on how a 13-year-old should be married out in this age when such children should be in school?

“I want to call on the House of Representatives and state Houses of Assembly to reject this clause completely. I also want the Senators to know that I will mobilise Nigerians and we are going to storm the National Assembly if this evil clause is not expunged from the constitution immediately. A constitution that cannot be bent will break.”

Bakare also led his congregation to pray against what he described as the “insatiable sexual appetite” of the lawmakers, calling on God to “dry up their uncontrollable libido.”

Source: Punch News

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