Across the beautiful country of Germany – Pictures and video

My speaking tour of Germany was hugely successful. I went from events in Berlin to Dortmund, Cologne and even agreed a writing contract in Potsdam. I spoke at events organized by the Partnership with Africa Foundation e.V, and the German Ministry of Industry in Cologne to events put together by the OECD, the African Development Bank, UNDP, Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa at the African Economic Outlook 2013, to that organized by the African Ambassadors and the German government “Africa an Economy poised for Change.” It was also inspiring to attend the Africa Positive event at the Technical University in Dortmund. I also had opportunities to see some of Germany’s historical sites and visits to places of interest. This video is from my very last event on the tour. A thoughtful member of the audience caught this part of my presentation but I hope the organisers will make the full videos available on Youtube. I hope to blog more on my travels. More pictures will be posted soon. Thank you for cheering me on. You inspire me to go farther. Have my best wishes at your own life dreams too.


I’d like to especially thank Stefanie Hirsbrunner of the Free University Berlin for coordinating my movement and putting her best to this. None of this would have happened without her organization and support.

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