Why Are You on Twitter? By Ike Amadi

People of purpose respect each other. Looking for respect? Find your purpose.

A great many don’t know why they are on Twitter, the result which is waste of time and energy.

People these days don’t want to associate with mere men; they want to be associated with men of purpose. When you are a man of purpose, you will naturally have followers. This is whether or not you are willing to follow back.

In my early days on Twitter, I always unfollowed certain handles, because I felt they irked me.
Guess what?
I followed them again. They were men and women of purpose, and knowing that, I had no choice but to identify. Thing is, you might not love a man of purpose but trust me, you’ll respect him!

After reading this, many whose purpose aligns with mine; or who want to think like me, will naturally follow me without any second thoughts!

Life is all about finding purpose. That is where the work is; looking into the sea of activity and finding and doing that very thing you were born to do…even on Twitter.

When you find your purpose on Twitter, time spent there becomes meaningful. You gain satisfaction after every activity there. The thing you do, however little, begins to count. Works like magic, I tell you.

However, leading a life of purpose will certainly get you enemies.
I will never forget this quote by Rick Renner, which says something of this nature: “Any Christian who is walking according to his purpose in life will be hated by those who are too weak to follow theirs.”

So when it appears that people do not like you or what you do, trust me you are doing something and you better get organized because that is going to blow up to greatness sooner than you think.
In order words, find your purpose and stick to it, as that is the only way to be happy on Twitter.

It is okay to not have discovered your purpose on Twitter, which is why you must follow a man of purpose like me. Firstly, you are safe. Yes, safe from having to waste your time reading junk; safe from having to read things that comes from a bored mind.
It took me quite a while before I discovered what it was I was doing on Twitter. Time is money, and if I am to be on Twitter, I will need to be able to account for the time spent there. Finally, I figured out why. But I wasn’t idle, I was doing something!

What you benefit by being a man of purpose.

You are easily recognizable; easily identifiable. You are not random. Again, people are safe around you. They know to go to you if they need something they know you offer.

Now imagine if everyone on Twitter is a man/woman of purpose. Twitter will be a very organized place.

There is no rush to greatness. Find your purpose!

Are there not people with several thousands of followers whom you don’t know what they do or represent? I might not have as many thousands of followers yet, but those who follow me know what I do on Twitter! This, my dear, is the power of purpose.

If you properly digest the above principles, and apply them in real life, you’ll see how more beautiful your life will become.

Next week, I’ll be talking of what leading a life of purpose can do for you. Watch this space.

Ike Amadi

@ikeamadi on Twitter.

Ike Amadi is the Author of Do Something! He blogs at and currently co-ordinates a bible reading program cum family on Twitter, Whatsapp and facebook under the #la187 umbrella.

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