The African Environmental Action Summit (AEAS) Friday 28th & Saturday 29th June 2013


AEAS is an event being convened by The Green Afrique Network in collaboration with The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and The Rock Foundation, in honor of the World Environment Day to exploit Africa’s Natural resources for sustainable economic development; the adoption of best practices for human hygiene and waste management; identify and protect endangered species of African Flora and Fauna and to develop a platform for the promotion of clear and impactful projects throughout Africa.

The Summit which is billed to take place on June 28 at Federal Palace Marquee Lagos, Nigeria will feature a Green Lecture on Environmental Action, a high -level lunch, and an Elite Gala dinner.  Some of the speakers billed to attend the summit include Minister of Foreign Affairs- Ambassador Gbenga Ashiru, Publisher of The Guardian Newspapers Mrs Maiden Ibru, and many more. Other dignitaries slated for the summit are Nigeria’s foremost Green Activists- Dr Newton Jibunoh, Senator Remi Tinubu, and Professor Wole Soyinka.

In a statement released by The Green Afrique Network and with the clear understanding that the future belongs to the youth; the summit will allow for youth participation via the iRaveNigeria- TAN Ultra Violet RAVE featuring Nigeria’s ‘hottest Dj’s’ and selected artists. The summit will also engage vibrant use of popular social media platforms to popularize the message: “Green Nigeria, Green Africa, Green World”.

The website allows for prospective attendees to RSVP for these events online. Individuals can also communicate with them via their social media platforms:

  • Twitter-@greenafrique
  • Facebook- Green Afrique

According to them; “The earth has suffered unprecedented abuse. Sometimes, this abuse goes undocumented and some of the effects may remain unknown for generations to come. Humans have exploited the land for its mineral resources, dumped toxic waste in the seas and oceans, and hunted some of the fauna and flora to near or complete extinction. They have not cared enough to consider that Mother Earth is dying and in dire need of advocates. Like a maiden in distress, the land is in search of true heroes.

The expectation is that all participants will begin to carry a torch for the environment and protect it dearly. They will understand creative ways to manage trash; earn additional ‘green’ income from tree planting and agriculture; and green efficiency even in the home, will ring out loud and proud. Caring for the environment is critical! The time for AFRICAN Environmental ACTION is Now!”

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