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These days, social media is fast advancing and more and more Christians have to spend more legitimate time on Twitter and the likes.

No doubt, we need it. Well, I dare say ‘need’ as most of us have to push our businesses and programs online. More so, it has fast become the cheapest way of getting fresh information while they are still happening.

The devil never sleeps. Yes, he never, but of course, God never sleeps. The Holy Spirit never sleeps too. Jesus never sleeps; 3 against 1. No way, the devil can’t win. Fresh eh!

The enemy uses every means at his disposal to corrupt the minds and hearts of individuals these days. And he uses Twitter too. Remember, “While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares.” They propagate hate, pornography, heavy nonsensical articles and all kinds of discussions that can mar your Christianity.

Good news is, apart from reading it here, you really never have to experience these things yourself, if only you choose to stay guided.

These five ways will help keep you stay Christian, while online.

1) Watch the articles you read. You are not a reading machine. So many writers these days, good thing I tell you. But you must watch what you read. If a person you don’t know copies you an article, don’t be in a hurry to read it. Read the bio, then the first paragraph, if it is not fresh, please drop it! You want to stay faithful, I mean faith-full, and anything that will dampen your enthusiasm, fill you with fear, or cause you worry, is certainly not good for you. There are people who love to spread rubbish. Don’t be a refuse bin!

2) Join an active Christian community. See none? Start one! You see, Twitter represents the virtual world, and just as we have to form close relations in the real world, we also have to form relations in the virtual world. Interestingly, whatever affects us in the virtual resonates in the real. Join a Bible study group like #la187 championed by yours truly, or a prayer project like the ‘Nehemiah Project’ championed by @TheOnlyIbukun. You know what this does to you? It gives you focus while you’re online. Before you finish doing the day’s required, your online time is gone and you have no time to entertain rubbish on Twitter and the likes. You are conscious that you are a champion of the cause of Christ and will not be championing the devil’s cause at the same time by joining in loose conversations. Also make good Christian friends, they’ll keep you checked. That has helped me a great lot. Identify with fellow Christians. Don’t be an island.

3) Sanctify your Time Line. Follow fresh Tweeps. Follow me. Lol. But I mean it. When you follow fresh tweeps, you get linked up to other fresh persons on Twitter. You never know the resounding impact that might have on your life.

 A lot of us follow back for many reasons: political, emotional or purely evangelistic reasons. My HOME page for example is not very fresh. Because I sometimes keep certain people on my TL because they follow me, hoping that peradventure a tweet of mine will convict them one day. Yep. Good thing is I hardly ever look at my TL. I have lists and know the specific persons I am called to minister to. I won’t go shopping for trouble! Check their pictures before you follow back. You must not follow back. Just a hint and you are gone…a picture might make you lose your sanctification. I like that line, ‘lose your sanctification.’ Who speaks of sanctification these days?

4) Stay on your own lane.

Make your twitter profile Christian- 140 Characters that describe you as a Christian – don’t be ashamed of the gospel.

Create your own Christian hash tag- #iamnotashamed, #proudtoknowHim; be creative.

Follow other Christians, welcome non-Christians as well. Be selective.

Retweet other people, always follow back

Post pictures – people are visual, pictures of you for the kingdom, nature etc.

Tweet weekly updates about Christian movies, books, events etc. If you provide value people will follow you.

Do Something!

5) Know when to close the page. Done what you want to do? Click close! Why check the next tweet if this one is not very fresh. Son, you’re looking for trouble!

They appear familiar eh? But have you applied them? Let us apply them and watch God bless our days on Twitter.

Stay fresh and stay sanctified.


Ike Amadi is author of Do Something! He blogs on www.ike-amadi.com and is currently championing a bible study group cum family on Twitter tagged #la187 Join him today! To join check www.ike-amadi.com/la187

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