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How to enjoy your work – Ike Amadi

At the office, a lady confronts me, “Hey, you are not smiling…you never smile…you are acting as one who doesn’t enjoy his job.”

The phrase, “Enjoy his job” caught my attention and I decided to do a research on ‘how one can enjoy his job.’

I found the following:

1. Smile Always:  A smile is free, you need it, and everyone else needs it too. When you smile, you open up your heart to receive freshness.  It is not your good mood that should cause you to smile, it is the smile that will cause you to have a good mood. Selah.

2. Be nice in your conversations. No matter whom you are talking with, be nice. When you are nice, you create an atmosphere of niceness for yourself and your colleagues. It always returns back to you. Even when people talk to you rudely, surprise them, be nice!

3. You are working for God, not man. When your boss is behaving funny, please don’t get mad. God is your real boss. With that in mind, you’ll never have feats of anger. You know who you are working for…and that person loves the work you do!

4. Have friends, obviously. Someone who can give you a pat in the back…always…you and I need it once in a while. Most especially, we need someone who can remind you to smile and enjoy your life. Remember, however, that to have a good friend, you must first be a good friend.

5. Have rest from time to time. You need to rest once in every 40 minutes the doctors say. Take that rest, it will do you good. Don’t make all the money today, do leave some for tomorrow, friend!

6. Do your best– Funny huh! But when we do our best and get good results, it gives us the motivation to work harder, and we become naturally happy. Tanya Savchenko a HR expert says, “It is in our nature to like activities in which we are successful.”

7. Be Patient – Ah! This is where the hard work comes in. You must learn to be patient. Patience is a very useful personal quality – if you don’t have it, develop it! I like to think that I have it.

Cheers to enjoying your work.

The next time I saw the lady on the stairs, I smiled, and she smiled back!


Ike Amadi is the Author of the book, Do Something! He is currently leading a bible study group on Twitter and other social networks tagged #la187. He blogs @ www.ike-amadi.com

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