GLOOM | a sonnet for Nigeria’s democracy – Michael Adu @Adu_Michael


GLOOM.  29.5.2013.  11.59am


Weep for the coming dawn

Do not drink to this morn

The river, the newborn,

All swallowed by the post-dis-progressive Sun


The breadwinners are all down

I saw them torn with a fang

The oil field, the corn barn

All dancing in the burn


White marrow is gone, maroon is worn

Two complete circles yet to run

Assembled bloated Swine in ensemble trumpet blown

Drunk and cloned in sty gloated noon




Once more into the fray

On the May of another by the people day

Live and die on this stagnant bay

With our youthful hue all gone grey? –


Michael Adu (@Adu_Michael).


Some help with the Poem:


‘Post-Dis-Progressive’: PDP


‘Two complete circles’: 2 calendar years


‘…bloated Swines’: Fat pigs. Reference to ‘when pigs gather, no one complains of dirtiness'(?)


‘…gloated ‘noon’: noon is the exact half of a day: halfway through GEJ’s tenure.


‘On the MAY’: the ‘celebration’ of Democracy day, MAY 29.


‘…’by the people’ day’: Democracy; a government run ‘by the people’

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