Youths Will Join APC, Not As Servants, But Partners, APC Youth Forum Chairman Says

Ismaeel AhmedYouthChairman of the All Progressives Youth Forum, otherwise referred to as the APC Youth Forum, Barrister Ismail Ahmed has said that youths in the country are ready to help build the newly formed opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) so as to rebuild the country that has been badly damaged by a syndicated cabal called the PDP.

Barrister Ahmed who spoke on behalf of Progressive Youths at the special convention of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in Abuja on Saturday said the youths who will flood the new opposition party as the energetic constituency of Nigeria is coming to the party not as servants, but as partners poised to take part not only rebuild the country, but to take charge in driving it.

The Speech is reproduced below:

Speech by the Chairman of the All Progressives Youth Forum (APC Youth Forum) at the Convention of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC at the Eagle Square in Abuja.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of this great party, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. The walking example of political discipline and honesty. The National chairman and all other members of the NEC of CPC. Your excellencies, Gov’s of Lagos, Ogun, Imo and Nasarawa States and all other protocols duly observed. On behalf of every young progressive in this arena and across this vast country, and on behalf of all those who want to identify with the progressive movement, I want to thank the organizers for the privilege to address this convention.

Let’s be clear from the start, I am not a Youth Leader, but I’m a concerned youth, and the beauty of democracy is you don’t have to be somebody to say something, as long as you have something to say to somebody. And this is the only political party in this country that gives the youths a voice at such a grand stage, and that gives us great hopes as to what will be obtainable in the APC.

The Youths are the energetic constituency ready to flood this party. But we are here not as servants but as partners. We are not here to work for you, we are here to work with you. We will help build this party, so that together we can rebuild this country. We are poised to take part in remaking this country, so that we may take charge in driving it.

As we work to complement each other’s efforts, let’s remember that a political party must be an institution of democracy not the demonstration of a selfish ambition. So we, the young in age and at heart are ready to plunge into the sea with you to rescue the country and its future.

In this party, we have leaders that have been tested and trusted, we also have a lot more that can be tested to be trusted. In this project Nigeria Reborn, we want our leaders to try us with responsibilities and don’t trick us into irresponsibility. Make us your true friends not your tools of thuggery. We will participate at every level of the party and the country. Let’s complement each other: You need our mental energy, we need your maturity. You need our new knowledge; we need your renewed vigour. Together if we are sincere, if we build a party not a campaign organisation, if we concentrate on the future not our bank accounts, if we bridge the disconnect between us and you, leaders and the led, Government and the governed, then we will truly make a difference in our lives and the lives of those whom God have entrusted their fates in our hands. We will not only win this election in 2015, but most importantly we will win back a country from the precipice of disaster by a syndicated cabal called the PDP.

Thank you for de privilege of addressing this convention. May God bless the progressives’ movement, and may God bless this great country.


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