We CAN!: We were Misled. The Factual Ezekwesili Dream for Unity Schools

I accessed this document this morning having read it early 2012. The document which can be downloaded here >>> Unity School PPP Initiative – approved 100107 sums up the initiative that’d have saved Nigeria’s Unity schools and by extension the educational system from the collapse of today.

The Education Reform was not just about the Unity Schools. Only about 2% of Nigerian students attended the Unity Schools yet a huge chunk of the budget was used to run these schools that at the time had worse examination records than the other schools. How then can we make the Unity schools the alpha and omega of the education reforms? This WE CAN! document sought to correct this anomaly. WE CAN (an acronym you will find in the document) was to convey the fundamental root and branch overhaul of the Education sector that was imperative. At the end, the Unity Schools were billed for their specific reforms just as the whole sector.

A lot of lies are being thrown around by the current administration but you cannot re-write the past. It is here un-edited. This was a game changer that was killed before it even got started. You can have it for your library, who knows, Nigeria may call on your to deliver this sector one day soon.

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