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God is a democrat, he does not support rigging but God approves those that rig and succeed’

For the record Air Commodore Jonah Jang, the Executive Governor of Plateau State, Nigeria, made the above statement. Mr. Jang as my friend Wale Odunsi described him is the current leader of ‘Jang-gang’, a special squad put together by the presidency with operation code name ‘Amaechi Must Fall’. The ever-humanitarian governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Godswill Akpabio, is funding this deadly squad wholeheartedly.

Let me start by saying that the current tussle for the chairmanship position of the non-constitutionally recognized Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) is shameful and despicable, it is an unnecessary glorification of madness and a charade of stupidity, a pointer to the rot in our nation’s democratic system, a display of gross power intoxication by the gods at the helm of affairs and desperation of the power that be.

It is shameful that the 36 governors who claimed to have been democratically elected and parade themselves as advocates of free and fair election could not peacefully conduct a simple electoral exercise which over the years has been carried out by primary school children in selecting class captains and governors. This singular act brings doubt to mind on the authenticity of our so-called reformed electoral process. The question on the lips of well meaning Nigerians and social critics remains, how on earth did this set of people get into power?

Today I stand to praise the men and women who included the immunity clause in our constitution, or what would have saved Rotimi from the rain of bombs thrown at him. The desperation of Goodluck Jonathan to bring this man down is alarming; the president has done all in his book to ensure he becomes ‘a thing of the past’. Obviously it is now a taboo to exercise one’s constitutional right to contest any position in the country including but not limited to the position of the president.

Politics can be funny but above all humiliating, or what could have made a 70-year-old man whose earthly days are numbered to take up a ridiculous and illegal chairmanship position. Jonah Jang as history has it has not been able to make any meaningful landmark in his political career, apart from his years of service at the Nigerian Air force, his sojourn at the governorship position has been of no significance to the people of his state but rather a continuous massacre of innocent citizens and destruction of properties has marked his tenure. Yet this same man was picked by our ‘shoeless’ president to be the governor of all governors.

As if we have not seen enough, the much praised governor of Ondo state, the generally acknowledged ‘Iroko’, a man who most believe is more learned, allowed himself to be dragged into this craze-party and even made to defend ambiguity. I understand Dr. Olusegun Mimiko like every human would want to pitch tent with a group that is not in any way connected to his enemy but in most situations the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

Rotimi Amaechi has not been so significant in our nation’s political history; in fact he occupies no position in the league of men who have fought hard for our democracy. I have nothing against him but like all other political office holders, I don’t like him. One for the fact that he is a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and secondly that he is a politician who has in one way or another brought havoc to the lives of innocent citizens. He is no saint and must answer to the way he administered his position as the governor of Rivers State, he must convince us all how he suddenly became a proud owner of a *Private Jet but apart from this he still deserves our steadfast support and sympathy with the current political situation and storm raging his life.

I think President Jonathan need to talk to former President Olusegun Obansanjo and learn a thing or two on how to bring down political enemies; you don’t make them heroes. Every attempt by President Jonathan to bring down Amaechi has brought the presidency to ridicule and public condemnation. Like governor Fashola said this is more of a party issue, but the more we try to ignore it and move on with our ‘Nepa-less’ lives, the more we give room for more absurdity.

Every Nigerian must stand up not for Amaechi but for common sense and fairness. The position of the president is indeed powerful but never in history has it been more powerful than the electorate. The joke is on us all, if we sit down and watch the presidency drag Rotimi through mud without saying a word.

We all should note that if Amaechi falls, sanity will fall.

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*The private jet belongs to the Rivers State Government not the person of the Governor – Editor

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