Kissing away your dreams – Ike Amadi

A kiss may ruin a human life – Oscar Wilde

I find myself lazy to take my clothes to the dry cleaner’s. In order not to have them stink, I hand wash them.
Hand washing affords me the time to think over a few things, learn from the past, analyze the present and pray for the future.
Today, I was asking myself, ‘why does God let us fall into temptation a la “deceitful relationships”?’
And almost immediately, James chapter one verse fourteen comes to mind: “but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.”
Let me break that down a little.

This young man has evil desires to kiss a lady, but because he is surrounded by spirit-filled ladies, doesn’t have the opportunity to. Suddenly, a stray girl, whose path is the highway to the grave, comes along and offers a ‘free kiss’. I can hear my pastor whispering, ‘Son, will you accept to drink poison because it is free?’
This lady comes around and the boy begins to contemplate, rather than flee youthful lusts. Before he knows it, she grabs him and he starts kissing away his dreams.
Sad. Pretty sad. But that is always the case. It has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen if not strongly chased away from our lives.
I have made a decision not to let that happen to me anymore!
May I not personally kiss away my dreams!
Later in life, you blame everyone but you, for walking into that pit prepared for you.
You claim you were roped in; you hate the person ‘the devil’ used to rope you in. The truth is, it was you who walked in. It was me who walked in. No one forced you into it.
People have walked that path before, and have escaped.
I heard a true story of a young man, who on hearing that his friends had paid a loose lady to defile his innocence took to his heels.
Perhaps another might have waited until the young lady, whose words would obviously be smoother than butter, comes and would pretend to fight with a naked beautiful lady.
But how do you fight with a naked beautiful lady and win?
Or is it the lady who works her way into a strong handsome young man’s bedroom, embellished with all kinds of drinks. How does she hope to come out of that place the same way she came in?
I am only writing to warn us – to be more watchful. Yes we are praying, but we must also watch before we use our hands to destroy ourselves.
The good news is that God always comes to the rescue of his sons and daughters. He always does.
Maybe you have walked into a deceitful relationship, causing you to daily exchange your dreams and purpose of your life for a French kiss, I have good news for you, help is on the way!
But why do we not always run away? We stay because we have committed too much already. Some have given their money, others their body. And that ‘investment’ holds them tied in that ‘deceitful relationship.’
If it be you that is described here, may God give you the grace and strength to break free – free from that snare of the enemy.
I release power into your spirit right now and I command your eyes to be opened.
I command that the tables be turned and a way of escape be provided for you.

Friend, look at the future, it is very bright.
God said, ‘I will make all things new.’
‘If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature….’
Trust in God today. Come back. Jesus is calling you.


Phew! I can now continue my washing and drying.

Ike Amadi

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