Why we must truly fix Nigeria ~ Omojuwa


We are Nigeria. We are that generation our fathers prayed to come. We cannot change our country if we lose belief. Things may not look like it today but it is our responsibility to fix our country. We must push and pull, we must engage and fight, we must think and act, we must do all we can as a people, as generation to birth a far better country than our fore fathers and fathers and mothers gave to us. We have more than enough excuses to give up on Nigeria but if you need one excuse to make change happen let me give it to you: Nigeria is ours and Nigeria is ours to fix.

Some of us will give up while some of us will pick ourselves up and keep working hard for a better country. We need to look within ourselves and ask the critical questions. Are we really doing enough to have a better country? Do we deserve a country where things work? If we are failing, we need to lose closely…the solution is sometimes in your mirror.

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