#SomeoneTellJonathan He needs not come to Lagos tomorrow ~ Omojuwa


His desperation for power is not healthy for Nigeria. #SomeoneTellJonathan

He will be coming to Lagos on the same day the ACN holds its National Convention in Lagos

There are implications around commerce and security for this obviously sinister move

2015 is a long way off, the president can still convince voters to choose him through his performance

The desperation to shut down Lagos tomorrow will cost the city man hours and possibly tension

With many scheduled to go to work, a National Convention and a presidential visit will be too much

Arguments will arise in defense of the president’s visit but we know it is beyond the usual

Everything points to one thing; the president wants power beyond 2015 by ALL MEANS

The shenanigan of the president’s visit tomorrow is too obvious.

Nigerians must be concerned about 2015. The President wants power through diabolical means

President Jonathan is coming to Lagos tomorrow for one reason: to disrupt the ACN convention

The president has failed to perform but he still has 2 years to make a difference

Nigerians suspect SURE-P resources are being used for 2015 campaign purposes, Dr. Kolade hasn’t denied this

What is the president looking for in Lagos tomorrow that he cannot find at another time?

Why did he choose the very same day the Lagos ruling party is holding its national convention?

Is tomorrow’s journey in the interest of the people of Lagos or in the interest of the President’s ambition?

I think the president has a right to contest in 2015 but I don’t think diabolism is the way to go about it

So far, the President keeps acting like whatever is good for Jonathan is good for Nigeria.

When will Mr. President begin to run things like a leader of the people rather than a leader of a few?

When will the people truly matter? Why must everything be about politics and politics and valueless politics?

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